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Acorn Strikers gain NLRB Victory

National Labor Relations Board Rejects ACORN management claims. The Union is vindicated, ACORN's union busting tactics exposed.
Striking ACORN workers in Seattle win Victory with Labor Board

(extracted from an update mailing from Seattle IWW) For all the news about the ACORN Organizing campaign, see http://bari.iww.org/alerts/Acorn1.html.

According to the IWW strike bulletin, "The IWW members on strike at the Washington ACORN office in Seattle won a huge victory last Wednesday, when Region 19 of the National Labor Relations Board ruled in favor of the union on a charge filed by Doug Bloch against the IWW. In fact, they dismissed it entirely, citing lack of evidence." In addition, the board found merit in a number of Unfair Labor Practice charges which the IWW had filed against ACORN. The board's actions have cut the ground out from under ACORN management, who have claimed from the beginning of the campaign that the IWW campaign was illegal. It is now clear that it is ACORN, rather than the IWW that is on the wrong side of the law.

On the day prior to the board ruling, the Union submitted an offer to ACORN management "to drop all charges, cease striking , and call off the boycott, in exchange for union recognition and a date to begin contract talks." ACORN management refused, continuing to claim that the organizing campaign was illegal.

All possible pressure should now be brought against ACORN for an immediate recognition of the Union. See the strike support page specific steps.

homepage: homepage: http://bari.iww.org/alerts/Acorn1.html