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another police militarization RALLY

April 27th, 5pm, in front of City Hall, rally against
police militarization, harassment and brutality.
There will be street theature! A chance for all to
speak! This will hopefully be one of many ways to
send the message to City Hall that this is our
community and the City Council and the Police
Department need to be accountable to us. Please come
and bring signs and whatever else you would like.
There is also ample opportunity to participate in a
street theature peice, it's really simple, if you are
interested, email me personally.
Rally for what 19.Apr.2001 23:20

not a copwatcher

Anyone is welcome to call another rally. It is guaranteed in the Constitution.
However, it might be worth asking: why this rally?
There are a number of groups and organizations that have been working to stop police abuse and achieve community control of police(not 'community policing') in Portland.
Here are some of them:
CopWatch (503.236.3065)- known for their copwatching at demos and trainings in street legal rights.
PAC-2002 ( info@pac-2000.org)- currently running a campaign to place a ballot initative mandating community control of police in Portland.
NAACP- responsible for continued calls to stop racial profiling and demanding police accountability.
National Lawyers Guild-helped initiate Majority Report calling for an independent civilian review board.
Anarchist Prisoners Legal Aid Network- has helped train people in street legal aid.
CAPS- attempting to stop the Portland JTTF

In addition, two different communities, the Latino community and the Alberta neighborhood countercultural scene have had to pull together in the last two weeks to respond to major police outrages in the killing of Jose Mejia and the police attack on a punk show.
The Latino community will be calling a vigil or march on the 40th day (probably May 11th) following Mejia's death. The Alberta community is holding shows (such as the one at Chez What? on Sunday, April 22nd) to raise funds for legal defense. As well, there is a youth speakout on Thursday, April 26th at 7 PM sponsored by PAC2002 (503.202.5980).

No one should be dissuaded from calling a rally. But my question is: Who are you? Why aren't you working with one of the above groups? What will a rally serve? What new approach are you calling for? Why are you calling for a rally in front of the Justice Center? Who are you expecting to do first aid? Legal aid? What do you hope to accomplish with this rally?
There is plenty of work for anyone who wants to stop police abuse in Portland. I urge anyone who is interested to contact one of the existing groups or to explain why they are not adequate for the job.

response to "why rally?" 20.Apr.2001 10:40

atimm atimm_1999@yahoo.com

Glad these issues are being raised... but no the writer has it all wrong. There should be 100's of multi-issue groups at least creating rallys ALL THE TIME.

Everyone scroll down and read the entire biased Oregonian article concerning the demonstration
against the FTAA pact in Quebec City and reconsider how activists are aproaching democracy and demonstrations in support of democracy and against injustice however it may be formed. Activists take on shades of the mass media take on protest and exclude people who are not "professionals". A group of citizens with signs standing on a street corner or participating in rally with no intention of blocking trafic or entrance / exits, antagonizing passers-by, doing in sort of physical damage to the city we love, does not in itself constitute a need for "professional activism" or whatever you want to call it. The more citizens understand this the better our community will be. As it is now citizens are getting a horribly skewed version of what it is like to protest
from the pens of our pals at the circus of the mass media.

here is an excerpt:
Activist Phlippe Duhanel is showing about 40 people of all ages and backgrounds what to expect when they come to protest at the Summit of the Americas "If you can't deal with the with the possiblity of getting arrested and the idea of a criminal records don't join the movement", Duhemel told the workshop on protest methods held by groups organizing demonstrations at the weekend gathering of 34 heads of state from Canada to. Brazil.

Scroll further to our mission statement.

article AP bias 20.Apr.2001 10:43

atimm atimm_1999@yahoo.com

Diverse groups of protesters ready for action
Two lines of people square off shoving and grunting forming a human tug-of-war that turns faces red and sweaty. Expletives fill the hall, attracting a security guard holding a walkie-talkie up to his mouth. This tirne, it's only a rehearsal.

Activist Phlippe Duhanel is showing about 40 people of all ages and backgrounds what to expect when they come to protest at the Summit of the Americas "If you can't deal with the with the possiblity of getting arrested and the idea of a criminal records don t join the movement", Duhemel told the workshop on protest methods held by groups organizing demonstrations at the weekend gathering of 34 heads of state from Canada to. Brazil. Through e-mails, public pronouncements and the workshops held in Quebec City Montreal and Toronto; the protest movement makes clear that it considers the summit a showdown over the momentum of globalization.

Angered by what they call a lack of openness and public participation in trade negotiations, these diverse groups opposing the process plan a range of demonstrations - some peaceful, some confrontational.

The most radical elements hope to repeat the chaos that that undermined the World Trade Organization talks in Seattle in 1999. Police are anticipating mayhem. Quebec's master of public security has increased the security tree, composed of federal, provincial and local officers, to 6,000. "We have to prepare for a situatation more serious than the previous ones. We're getting set for the worst said the minister, Serge Menard. That doesn't mean we hope hope for the worst"

Police arrested six Canadians they said were planning violence at this weekends summit, officials said Wednesday. The arrests occurred Tuesday and Wednesday. Police recovered small explosives and grenades along with flammable liquid, baseball bats, gas masks and pointed sticks, Inspector Robert Poeti of the Quebec Provincial Police said.

Mayor Jean-Paul Altier noted that President Bush's attendance at his first large international meeting gives demonstrators a rare opportunity to capture world attention. Lt Allier fears that a 10-toot-tall fence being built around several areas of Old Quebec City as a security perimeter will become a flash point of confrontation.

Groups organizing the protests plan three "levels" of demonstration - some festive ones with giant puppets, songs and chants: civil disobedience such as blockades and direct attempts to disrupt the summit itself. The idea is to help the more then 10,000 plus protesters feel comfortable with whatever level of activism they choose to join, said Tania Halle of the Anti- Capitalist Convergence Center.

At a workshop sponsored by Concordia University students in Montreal, former Black Panther lorenzo Komboa Ervin summed up the attitude of the radical side "If we don't constitute a threat to the system, if we don't make them think that their precious lives or profits are in danger, they will not take us seriously at all," he said.

mission statement Outraged Citizens United 20.Apr.2001 10:47

atimm atimm_1999@yahoo.com

Outraged Citizens United is a small, local,
multi-issue organizing group. Previously, we have
organized a demonstration protesting George W. Bush's
reinstatement of the global gag rule and in support of
abortion rights. As a group our emphasis is on
creative and timely actions raise a collective voice
against outrageous local and national issues, as well
as celebrating individual resistance. As citizens we
demand a police department that is part of the
community and not a controlling force. We want the
City Council and Police Department to recognize the
demands and needs of the many diverse communities in
Portland and be accountable to them, as opposed to the
other way around. We support a police department free
of racism and sexism, which is honest, well educated
and as diverse as the communities it serves. As a
group of activists Outraged Citizens United aims to
build community and encourage communication between
community groups and organizations.

And the point is? 20.Apr.2001 22:49

not a copwatcher

Thank you for the response to my comment on "Why a rally?"
Unfortunately, you choose not to answer any of the questions I raised.
Anyone is welcome to call a rally or protest in Portland - it is one of the rights we have won by fighting for them over the years.
But you did not respond to what you hope to achieve with such a rally. Are you organizing people to do more rallies? Are you training them to know their rights? Are you trying to gain media attention? Are you attempting to sway the City Council (good luck)?
I would be the last person to dissuade folks from calling rallies,protests, demonstrations or other manifestations.
But aren't you tired of marching around Pioneer Courthouse Square yet? Do you have something to offer people who say, "Okay, now what?" Do you think the police will change because you have better banners?
And,yes, there is a need for many multi-issue groups. Why are you calling this rally rather than helping work on a march/vigil for Jose Meija? Would that involve going outside the comfort zone of working with people who already agree with you?

Rallies with Many Approaches Necessary! 22.Apr.2001 23:22

killerfemme prochoiceornochoice@yahoo.com

I am a member of outraged citizens united, the group which is organizing a rally against police abuse, harassment and militarization on Friday, April 27th and then a community picnic and speak out about these issues, as well as recent events such as the shooting of Jose Mejia Poot, on Sunday, April 29th in Alberta Park (for more information on these events, see the calender). Rallies are important because constant public presence is needed to show that this is our community and that the police department and the city council must be accountable to us. We very much support the efforts of Copwatch, Citizens Against Police Spying, the Police Accountability Campaign and the many different and diverse communities in Portland who have had to deal with the multi-faceted issue of police abuse. There needs to be as many opportunities as possible for people to raise their voices against this abuse in as many ways as they can. A rally is only one way. We are hoping this rally will emphasize the positive and creative, by way of theatre, puppets and artwork. The community picnic will hopefully provide another way to speak out, as it is in a casual setting and many people are not able or do not want to attend rallies for a multitude of reasons. The rally against police spying that occured in early april was very successful and positive and energy and action like that must continue. As a group we (Outraged Citizens United) are working in solidarity with and with the utmost respect for other groups in Portland, but we understand the constraints on every activists time, and because of this, the more people who can take on these issues, the better. The idea is not to garner media attention or even the attention of city council, but to provide yet another community resource that can only strengthen our resistence to police abuse and help us build a positive, supportive and diverse community. Established groups and "professional" activists do not have a stranglehold on acitivism, it is up to every person to voice their opinion in whatever medium they feel most comfortable. As a group Outraged Citizens United hopes to plan and host a variety of activities to enrich and strengthen active communities in Portland. These will include rallies, but also teach ins, art events, picnics, speak outs and direct action.