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police militarization

April 29th, 2pm, Alberta Park.
Community Picnic and
speak-in about police militarization, harassment and
brutality. There will be Art! Food! Hopefully good
weather! Come and network and share ideas,
stratedgies, stories, whatever. This is not a rally,
but rather a more low key event that everyone of all
ages is welcome to attend.
Hope to see some of you there!
All ages indoor event to stop police abuse 19.Apr.2001 23:27

Not copwatch

There will be an indoor community forum on Thursday, April 26th at 7 PM at St.Andrews Church (7th and Alberta) Community Center to speak out against Police Abuse.
This is a Youth Speakout. All are welcome to attend.
This is sponsored by PAC2002, street roots, Portland Alliance and a number of other organizations and agencies.
Anyone looking to find organizations which are contesting police abuse or fighting for community control of police should attend. There will be more information about upcoming events such as the memorial for Jose Meija and Copwatch trainings.
Anyone interested in more information about this event or in working on it should contact Greg at (503)202-5980 or visit www.pac-2002.org
As with all speakouts, no drugs, alcohol, weapons (including police weapons) allowed.