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youth Speakout against Police Abuse

New Location for the Youth Speakout Against Police Abuse,
Thursday, April 26th, 7PM:
St Andrews Community Center
4940 NE 8th
Behind St. Andrews Catholic Church
At Alberta, between 8th and 9th Ave.
Accesible on Bus #72 (Alberta) & #6(MLK).

Given the support the speakout has gotten from youth service providers,
student groups, and churches throughout N/NE Portland, we expect a
turnout of well over 200 people.

Please notify as many people as you can of the location change. We will
have shuttles to take people who come to SEI up to St. Andrews for those
who don't receive word of the change.

Please continue to solicit youth who may be interested in committing
ahead of time to speaking at the event.
Have them (or someone representing them) contact me at (503) 202-5980.