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Portland Rally and March To Oppose FTAA and Fast Track

Come help stop the latest trade agreement which threatens our environment,our rights and our democracy. Stop the FTAA and related Fast Track authority for Resident Shrub. March and rally this Saturday, April 21st at Noon in Pioneer Courthouse Square.
Heads of State are gathering in Quebec City, Canada this weekend to further negotiations on the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA). The FTAA is the next move in the corporate agenda to replace government, exploit workers and the environment, and create a global consumerist society equal to or surpassing that which is found in the US.

We must stop it. A hemispheric day of action has been called for April 21st in 70 cities, including right here in Portland. At noon in Pioneer Courthouse Square join thousands in a rally and march condemming corporate led globalization,the FTAA and Fast Track for President Bush (which would make it easier for corporations to get the FTAA passed in Congress).

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