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the signing of trhe BICYCLE bill

Come one, come all!

Join hundreds of fellow cyclists from around the state to make your voice
heard in support of communities where it is safe to walk and bicycle.
On Friday, April 20th (yes, THIS FRIDAY!) from 12 - 1 pm, we'll converge
via bike, car, train and bus on the steps of the Capitol in Salem. Governor
John Kitzhaber will re-enact the signing of Oregon's Bicycle Bill; Don
Stathos, former Representative from Jacksonville who sponsored the bill in
1971, will participate in the ceremony; and U.S. Representative Earl
Blumenauer will cheer the bicycle as an indicator of safe, livably, healthy

In addition, we'll rally support for the "Safe Routes to School" bill (HB
3712), which creates a state grant program to fund improvements that make
it safer for children to walk and bicycle to school.

WHERE: The front steps of the Capitol building, 900 Court St. in Salem.

WHEN: 12 - 1 PM


Please come show our legislators how many Oregonians care about cycling!

For information, call 503.226.0676

See you there!

Bicycle Transportation Alliance
PO Box 9072
Portland, OR 97207

Creating safe, sane and sustainable communities -- one bike at a time.
oooo!! 19.Apr.2001 19:31

Biking Gal

Kind of makes me wish I lived closer to Salem..