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Military Ban Threatened

A resolution will be introduced next Monday with the
sole purpose of scuttling the ban. The sponsors are Derry Jackson (who told
supporters once upon a time that he supported the ban, then changed the week
before the election), and Ron Saxton.

The draft -- which may or may not be
final product -- does the following:

-- declares (erroneously) that Portland is alone in America in having such a
-- raises (ridiculously) the specter of a resumption of the draft; and
-- states, without a scintilla of evidence, that the ban harms students.

The proposal therefore goes on to conclude that we need a study panel, a panel
not to determine whether to retain the ban, but rather only to determine how
implement its dismantling (the language is "to develop reasonable standards
restoration of military's access"). This panel would consist of 15 people, of
whom five would be military (some neutral group!). Therefore, the
could make a recommendation by a vote of 7-3, and be overwhelmed by the
block. Although ostensibly for the benefit of the students, this panel would
have only two students to the five uniformed members. Only one principal, one
GLBT representative, and one Board member (and we can bet it wouldn't be yours

The proposal makes no mention of discrimination, not even to "balance" it as a

As of now, members Jackson and Saxton are clearly committed to this path. The
two votes that lie in the balance are those of Debbie Menashe and Karla
Karla ran for the Board in support of the ban, but has been retracing her
ever since.

We need your help!!!

1) Although the proposal won't be voted on on Monday, these folks need to
from you. The media needs to hear from you. Ask why, when we face a
$20,000,000 deficit, helping the military back into our schools is these
members' priority. Call them, e-mail them (though this is less effective).
Debbie is 771-2944, 539-7278 (cell); Karla is 246-9447, 819-8354 (cell). Call
Derry too, although it won't change his mind, to let him know we won't forget
when he next runs for office! Derry is 283-6346 (h), 745-6979 (w), 880-7619

2) Come testify. NOTE: We are now putting testimony at the END of the
meeting, so it's not at 6:30. It may be as late as 9:30 on Monday, but folks
should sign up in advance by calling 916-3741 and leaving a message, then
by 8:30 or 9 pm.

3) Spread the word! In particular, we need students and recent former
students. We need people who had no "trouble" hearing from recruiters,
they wanted to or not.

In particular, we need to have a change of heart from one of the two swing
members. Let them know where the community is!

Thank you.


Marc Abrams, Esq.
Attorney at Law
1753 NW Aspen Avenue
Portland, OR 97210

(503) 227-2672
(503) 227-2281 (fax)

is the military banned from the schools now 20.Apr.2001 06:50


I would like to be clear on what the ban is about, as I know nothing about it.
I am gathering that the military is presently banned from recruiting on school campuses, and that there is a bill being put forward that would reverse this (district-wide?) ban on monday... Is that right?