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FTAA Protest and March Info--Saturday, Pioneer Square, Noon

Here's some info on Saturday's rally and march
Saturday, April 21, Pioneer Courthouse Square
We will start with a rally with music, speakers, and a great theater piece. The (brief!!) speakers include Ramon Ramirez, President of PCUN, Brad Witt of the Oregon AFL-CIO, Andrea Vargas, who just returned from Colombia, and several others.

After the rally, we will march through the streets of downtown Portland, visiting several institutions that support corporate globalization and the free trade agenda. We will also march across the Burnside bridge to wrap up on the East side of the river.

Many folks will then head over to the Earth Day event at Laurelhurst Park.

Please come out to say no to the FTAA, fast track, and corporate globalization in general!

Come out to stand in solidarity with our sisters and brothers in Quebec who be bringing the same message directly to the Summit of the Americas, where 34 heads of state will be putting the finishing touches on the FTAA!