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Ride a Bike for Earth Day

Jump on a Bike for Earth Day!
See how easy it is to navigate this fine city of ours on 2 wheels. Feel the wind rush through your hair! Notice how much stronger you feel! Stress is r e l e a s e d

In addition to you feeling good, you have also contriuted to a better society. Increased bicycle riding reduces our impact on the Earth. It allows for less pollution, requires less asphalt (encourages more green space), reduces traffic danger death and allows participants to be more aware of their surroundings.

These asects, combined with the result of Happier Riders will directly contribute to a much Higher Quality of Life for our community!

Jump on a Bike for Earth Day and wave to the people you pass!

So.. 18.Apr.2001 19:27


Is this today.. or when?

Nope 18.Apr.2001 19:28


I think that would be on Earth Day.. (21st.)

Earth Day April 22 19.Apr.2001 08:06


Earth Day is *always* april 22nd.

When to ride 19.Apr.2001 08:09

the Coalition for More Bicycle Riding

We, of course, advocate riding at any and all times. For Earth Day, we say, ride to your Earth Day celebrations, but make sure to ride on Earth Day, the 22nd, as well!!

I love Riding 19.Apr.2001 19:34


I love this idea! We definitely need more people on bikes out there. Critical Mass riders face so much police harassment each month. There is this thing in this town of portland where people pretend it's bike friendly, but when you get out there man, it just isn't. I mean, i almost got killed today while riding my bike to work., all i was doing was trying to be healthier and to live in a more sustainable way and some stupid ass swerved around me to try to get by me before the road narrowed and he almost hit me. What was i doing wrong? I guess i wasn't allowinghim to go along his speedy speedy life in his huge ass car.

Gotta have thos e huge ass cars and a speedy life, right?

It;s the american way.


Ride a Bike! 20.Apr.2001 08:26


I'm completely supportive of this event. What a way to celebrate Earth Day! I hope to see lots of bicycle riders out there riding and waving! all weekend long!! all year long!! Let's make


Downtown Car Free 20.Apr.2001 09:00

Sarah Peterson speterson1445@hotmail.com

OH! I like the idea of a car-free downtown! Are there any organizations working on this?

Perhaps we could have Downtown be car-free next earth day, you think that's possible? I think we should work towards that goal. How wonderful that would be!

And also, in general, a car free downtown year round! We will allow delivery vehicles who have a permit an of course emergency vehicles. Car-free areas have been proved to have increased commerce as people roam around and window show and buy more so how could vera not go for it?

It's also, of course, so much safer. Too many pepople are likked by cars. we need that car free Downtown, RIGHT ON.

Portland Cyclists Advocacy Group? 21.Apr.2001 00:45

Daniel daniel@cityrepair.org

I'm collecting names of people who are seriously interested in exploring the idea of forming a new bicyclists/pedesrians advocacy group. Some of the feelings about this include:

- being an established organzation or committee that becomes recognizable to the gov't and the community
- being specifically for the Portland metro area (BTA is statewide)
- advocating for a more genuinely sustianable bike/ped infrastructure (ie, European-quality urban bike lanes and paths, bridge access, shutting down streets, etc).
- something that can attempt to represent and advocate for the views of Portland's radical/activist urban cyclist community

If you'd like to get in on the ORGANIZING of something like this, email me at  daniel@cityrepair.org and I'll let you know when we start with some exploratory meetings.



AWESOME! 21.Apr.2001 11:48

yes i ride

I ride my bike always so I really like the idea of encouraging other people to ride! :) I do have to say that the whole waving thign, at first, I was like, no way, how corny. But I re-read the message and now I think, that's kind of neat. Can you imagine seeing people all over the city waving at each other? The Bicycle Transportation Alliance says "Smile at the car drivers, you're havnga better time that they are" and I must say tat I agree I agree!! :)

So okay, I'll wave while I ride. Willyou? LEt's do this EVERY DAY! Wavin' and Ridin'! We're the best, bicycle riders should rule the world.

YEA!!! YEA!!! YEA!!!

Bad weather, a few wavers 22.Apr.2001 16:04

Christine Simmons

I waved around as I was out today. the crappy weather, good thing Earth Day celebrations weren't held on Earth Day!!!

Not too many riders out there, but a few were waving back to me!