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watershed events for E Day

The Johnson Creek Watershed Council invites you to the third annual
Watershed Wide Event.
This is the gathering together of a diverse
community to celebrate and experience a significant natural resource:
Johnson Creek, home to chinook, steelhead, and 150,000 two-leggeds.
This, right here, in your very backyard, is sustainable community
development. Get a piece of the action on Saturday morning before you
cruise over to Laurelhurst. Call me at 239-3932 to register for ANY
of the following activities:

Eastmoreland Golf Course, 10am-noon: David Douglas High School
demonstrates their water qualiy monioring program and you get a tour
of the region's mopst signficant fish passage restoration projects.

Springwater Corridor Trail, 9-1pm: Meet at the Tideman Johnson
trailhead to help the City of Milwaukie clean up the Springwater
Corridor trail. What an opportunity to reach the unwashed masses of
passers-by with your organization's flyers and info!

Errol Heights, 9am-noon: You've heard about it, the "hidden gem of
Southeast Portland." Now get your boots on and check it out. Portland
Parks will be guiding this excursion into this mini jungle to remove
trash and invasives.

Beggar's Tick, 9am-noon: Let's see... Metro supplies amazing wildlife
preserve, tools, and instructions. Johnson Creek Watershed Council
provides education, food, coffee, and juice. You merely bring your
backside. Sounds like a good deal to me! See you out there, yes...?

Brookside, 10am-noon: A walk through a constructed wetland
wonderland, complete with macroinvertebrate sampling, plant id
lessons, and yummy food. Could it be? Its free! It'll be great, now I
mean it! Anybody want a peanut?

Hogan Cedars, 9am-noon: Its not called a watershed wide event for
nothing! Metro offers up an opportunity to bring in the burbs. Get
some satisfaction by cutting down old-growth english Ivy and rescuing
some towering redcedars.

These events are an opportunity to see what we are all fighting for.
To meet the people on the streets and see the beauty and potential of
our urban landscape through new eyes. This is an opportunity for
renewal and celebration through good work. Don't miss it. Call 239-
3932 or send me an email:  David@jcwc.org.