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New IMC Publication Available

weekly PDF #1 (16 April 2001): The FTAA
The IMC Print Team is pleased to announce the first issue of a new IMC publication: a weekly PDF that will offer a digest of news from the global IMC Network.

Issue #1 is available in English now. It is entirely about the FTAA: what it is, the preparations for protests, and what to expect in Quebec City.

Download it here.

Pass it out, fax it, post it on walls, insert it in your own publication. Get out the word.

The weekly PDF will appear in other languages as well, and always be available at print.indymedia.org. Issue #2 is due out 23 April and will cover the protests in Quebec City and elsewhere.

To join the IMC-Print team, write to imc-print@lists.indymedia.org.

homepage: homepage: http://print.indymedia.org