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FTAA Threatens Forests - Demonstrate April 21

Action Alerts for FTAA Demonstrations in Portland and Blaine, Washington at the US/Canadian Border, Saturday April 21. Plus a write up on how the FTAA threatenes forests and would advance the dread 'Global Free Logging Agreement' which was temporarily stopped at the WTO demonstrations in Seattle in 1999.
Below is a write up on what the FTAA means for forests. There's also an address and email to write letters to U.S. Trade Representative Robert Zoellick and a website for
more resources on the FTAA and forests. It's very important that forest activists raise our voices and show solidarity this Saturday in Portland or on the US/Canada border. If you can't make it to the demonstrations, please take the time to write to US Trade Representative Robert Zoellick at the address below this week to help put on the pressure.

Stop the FTAA - Free Trade Area of the Americas!
Hemispheric Day of Action Rally and March

Saturday, April 21
12 Noon
Pioneer Courthouse Square

- Speakers
- Music
- Theater
- Puppets
- March


Rally to Stop the FTAA
Saturday, April 21
10 am - 4pm
at the Peace Arch on the U.S./Canadian Border on I-5 at Blaine, Washington
(about 270 miles - 5 hours - north of Portland, follow signs to the Peace Arch on I-5)
-Guerilla Theater
- Organized by Trade Unionists in the U.S. and Canada as well as the American Lands Alliance and other environmental groups. Come up early and stay late. Speakers include Karen Coulter and Mick Garvin (forest activists from Oregon), Chilean forest activists and many others.

Some Forest Protection and Indigineous Rights groups have also called for Thursday April 19 as an INTERNATIONAL DAY OF NONVIOLENT DIRECT ACTION FOR FORESTS AND AGAINST THE FREE TRADE AREA OF THE AMERICAS (FTAA). FOR MORE INFORMATION on this CONTACT: Jason Tockman at  tockman@americanlands.org or
740/594-5441; also SEE HTTP://WWW.NATIVEFOREST.ORG to obtain grassroots organizing tools for this day from the Native Forest Network.

And now for the facts you need to know.......

What is the FTAA?

From April 20 - 22, the SUMMIT OF THE AMERICAS will be held in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. This summit of trade ministers, representatives, and government officals will be working toward the implementation of the FREE TRADE AREA OF THE AMERICAS (FTAA). The FTAA is the formal name given to the expansion of NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) which would cover nearly all countries in the Western Hemisphere, if it is adopted by trade ministers in Quebec next week.

What Does the FTAA Have to do With Forests?

If the FTAA takes effect, it will provide the international timber industry with yet another incentive to decimate forest ecosystems both at home and across the globe.

At the Summit Of The Americas meeting in Quebec City, trade minsters will be pushing the Advanced Tariff Liberalization (ATL), known by its critics as the Global Free Logging Agreement (GFLA). The GFLA was tabled at the ill-fated November 1999 Seattle ministerial of the World Trade Organization (WTO), largely due to the work of activists, organizers, and citizens like ourselves. It seeks to eliminate tariff and non-tarriff barriers on raw logs
and timber products. This is projected to increase the timber harvest globally by 3-4%, and thus provide further impetus for unsustainable logging practices in order to supply the gluttonous demand of U.S. consumers. The
timber lobby is counting on the Global Free Logging Agreement to move forward this April at the Summit of The Americas in Quebec City.

In addition, the FTAA will nullify common sense regulatory measures including Non-Tariff Barriers to Trade (NTBs). NTBs include: sanitary/phyto-sanitary regulations (regulations controlling the flow of uninspected forest products, possible hosts to ecosystem-ravaging invasive
species, as well as genetically engineered trees ). Common sense regulatory measures like state, regional, national, and international environmental laws protecting workers, prohibiting toxics, and controlling pollution, among others will be nullified by the FTAA. The FTAA will provide legal
avenues for the timber industries to expand their operations to previously unlogged areas with less regulations and no accountability. The FTAA is a direct threat to the ability of local and indigeneous communities to decide how to utilize and protect local forest ecosystems.

Join activists worldwide on April 21 to stop the explosion of multinational corporate globalization that threatens our
world's forest ecosystems and climate with unregulated logging practices, increased demand for forest products, and continued deforestation on a massive scale.

The FTAA would prioritize the free flow of goods, services, and products across international borders, without a thought for workers, indigenous peoples, or forest communities.

PLEASE LET US TRADE REPRESENTATIVE ROBERT ZOELLICK HEAR FROM YOU AT 600 17th Street, NW, Washington, D.C. 20508, or mailto: contactustr@ustr.gov. Tell him to oppose the FTAA, specifically its provisions to eliminate tariffs and non-tariff measures on forest products.

phone: phone: 503-978-9454
address: address: 408 SW 2nd Ave, #412 Portland, OR 97204