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Pioneer Square
Monday, April 16 (TAX DAY!)
5:00-6:00 p.m.
From the folks who brought you Vietnam....

Same old imperial agenda.
Brand new weapons and defoliants.
$1.3 billion of YOUR tax dollars.

Pioneer Square
Monday, April 16 (TAX DAY!)
5:00-6:00 p.m.

* Peaceful Vigil with signs, banners and theater
* Penny Poll to show Americans' real spending
priorities for our tax dollars
* Speakers, including Portlanders recently returned
from Colombia
* Procession to the Main Post Office to raise
awareness about what our tax dollars are actually
going towards. (We'll be there for a while.)

Participants are encouraged to make and bring their
own signs, and wear the colors of the Colombian flag:
yellow, red, and blue.

Among the highlights of this event, the War Resisters
League will present their withheld tax money to
Dignity Village and the Peace in Colombia Action
Group. A speaker from Dignity Village will explain
their exciting new plan to establish a
sister-tent-city relationship with El Cartucho, a tent
city in Bogota, Colombia.

This will be a PEACEFUL and LEGAL action. We have not
gotten a permit for Pioneer Square, but our plan is to
stay on the sidewalk and not congregate within the
Square itself. We very much hope the Portland Police
share our commitment to keeping this event peaceful.

Sponsored by the Peace in Colombia Action Group
tel. 503-236-7916
e-mail  pcasc@igc.org

phone: phone: 503-236-7916