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Zimbabwean Students at War

Zimbabwean Students at War
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>NATIONAL NEWS Thursday 12 , April
>Student tells Minister off
>4/12/01 12:31:42 AM (GMT +2)
>Lloyd Mudiwa
>HERBERT Murerwa, the Minister of Higher Education and
>Technology, was yesterday dressed down in front of
>about 10 000 University of Zimbabwe (UZ) authorities
>and students at a memorial service for Batanai
>Hadzizi, the first year student who died in a room at
>Manfred Hodson hostel in the early hours of Monday
>after being allegedly brutally assaulted by the riot
>Brilliant Mhlanga, the Studentsí Executive Council
>(SEC) secretary-general, snatched the microphone from
>Reverend Charles Mugaviri, the acting dean of
>students, following Murerwaís address to the students
>and got what he thought of the minister off his chest.
>ìYou are not the Minister of Higher Educations and
>Technology,î said Mhlanga, to thunderous applause from
>the students.
>ìI want to say it to you loud and clear: Doctor
>Murerwa, you are no longer the Minister of Higher
>Shrugging off attempts by Dewa Mavhinga, the SEC
>president, to take the microphone from him, Mhlanga
>continued: ìTo me you stand as the Minister of
>National Parks because the UZ has been reduced to a
>national park where poachers can just kill elephants.î
>He said all the studentsí parents had participated in
>the liberation struggle and students, were, therefore,
>entitled to basic human rights such as the right to
>Initially not on the serviceís programme, Murerwa had
>earlier been pressurised by the students to address
>They wanted him to apologise for Hadziziís death and
>to offer the governmentís condolences.
>Even efforts by Mugaviri, who was a favourite with the
>students, failed to save Murerwa.
>ìPlease, for the sake of Hadzizi who was an
>intercessor, let us be calm,î said Mugaviri, but the
>students insisted that Murerwa address them.
>The students, who demanded that Murerwa accept the
>government was to blame for Hadziziís death,
>repeatedly interrupted his speech with boos.
>Earlier, students had prevented Elizabeth Karonga, the
>UZís director of information and public relations,
>from entering the UZís Great Hall where the service
>was held.
>She was only saved from further embarrassment by the
>arrival of Hadziziís body for the service.
>Even after that, however, Karonga did not attend the
>service. She left in the direction of the
>administration block.
>Students were angered by her claims that they had
>demonstrated over inadequate funding for the Zimbabwe
>University Studentsí Association Games, scheduled for
>this week, and that no students were arrested in the
>demonstration. Thirty-four students were arrested and
>have appeared in court charged with public violence.
>Students occasionally broke into song, accusing
>Augustine Chihuri, the
>Police Commissioner, of causing Hadzizi's death.
>The rest of the service was in a sombre mood with
>several students and
>Hadzizi's family members weeping.
>Hadzizi's post-mortem report gave the cause of death
>as ìAsphyxia due to bilateral lung contusions and
>rib-cage soft tissue injuries caused by blunt force.î
>Police have denied Hadzizi was fatally battered,
>saying he was trampled on by his fellow students in a
>stampede to flee from the hostels. The students were
>fleeing from teargas canisters fired into the hostels.
>Doctor Salvator Mapunda, a pathologist at Parirenyatwa
>Hospital, refused to comment further than saying that
>the full post-mortem report was expected to be
>released to Avondale Police Station after the Easter
>holidays and that doctors were still going through
>Hadzizi's medical records from the UZ Students'
>Clinic. Hadzizi had a history of asthma.
>He will be buried at his rural home at Chipara Village
>in Gutu today.