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The Shortwave Report 4/13 LISTEN GLOBALLY!

A 30 minute review of news stories recorded from a shortwave receiver. 13.6mb. FREE TO REBROADCAST! Stories from Netherlands, China, Germany, Russia, and Cuba. Global protests, global warming, euthanasia, spy plane, Kyoto protocols, Star Wars, Kossovo, KLA, stock market, Guatamalen immigrants.
Free to rebroadcast as long as you send me an email notification. If you don't send an email, it's still free, but I'd really appreciate evidence of airing to help me get a grant.
FOR THE TIME BEING, the Shortwave Report is going weekly! This is an experiment, I'm not sure how much extra time this will take me. There will definitely always be a new show on the 2nd and 4th Friday. So there will be one up next Friday April 20, as well as the usual 4th Friday April 27. Hopefully I will be able to adapt to a weekly schedule. If anyone knows where I might get a grant for this show, I would greatly appreciate that information.
This weeks show begins with Radio Netherlands- the E.U./U.S. banana war is about to end; the U.N. condemns Brazil for torturing prisoners; protests continue over nuclear waste transportation in Germany and France; euthanasia is legalized in the Netherlands, to praise and controversy.
On to China Radio International for two stories about the spy plane incident from a Chinese perspective. The incident is far from resolved in their minds.
Then a story from Radio Deutsche Welle- in response to Bush's abandonment of the Kyoto protocols, the European Union is working to get all signatory nations to move forward in reducing carbon emissions. A Swedish energy expert denies the claimed economic problems the protocols would cost the U.S., and says it could drive the U.S. to move to clean energy production.
From the Voice of Russia- the head of the U.N. hopes the U.S. will overturn it's Kyoto decision; England and the U.S. are boycotting an international conference in Moscow on measures to demilitarize space; Kossovo remains the flashpoint in the heart of Europe.
From Radio Havana Cuba- Russia has warned Europe that 60-70% of illegal drugs that reach Europe are passing through Kossovo, the KLA; environmental activists spray 11,000 liters of water at the U.S.embassy in Buenos Aires, payback for the terrible flooding this winter, that they believe is caused by global warming; an editorial about neo-liberal economics, and how the excess wealth has shifted from banks to the teetering stock market; the Coalition of Guatemalen Immigrants in the U.S. fear 400,000 undocumented workers are about to be deported.

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