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KBOO Features International Women's Day

Community Radio KBOO 90.7FM will feature a day of Women's Programming on Thursday, March 8th from 5:30 am till 2am on March 9th.
Celebrate IWD community radio style -- tune in for a special day of programming by and about women.

Included in the public affairs line-up:
Women on Death Row with Anne Rose-Pierce;
An intergenerational talk with Native American women, hosted by Mary Massie;
A Circle-A Radio special on the corporatization of women's bodies;
Women in the Zapatista struggle, hosted by Elizabeth Perry;
Two hours of interviews featuring Sisters in Action for Power hosted by Jack; and
A view of Palestine through a woman's eyes.

On the musical side:
Deena Barnwell brings you the greatest of women in hip-hop;
Kathy Fors presents an Autonomy Hour full of women;
Cutting-edge performance presented by Isabelle "Women in Insanity," and more.


homepage: homepage: http://www.kboo.org/schedule/specials.htm