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Youth Speak Out Against Police Abuse


Sunday, March 11, 2-4 pm, Third flr. Conference rm. UNION STATION.
Union Station is the Amtrak depot, next to the Greyhound station, at the West end of the Broadway bridge, and the north end of the bus mall at NW 6th and Irving. To get to the conference room, take the stairs or elevator by the
baggage claim counter in the northwest corner of the lobby. Look for SPEAKOUT signs around there too.

At this meeting youth and youth leaders from communities all over Portland will makes plans for a speakout to make the city aware of the physical and psychological harm that Portland's Police have been doing to young people in
Portland. The goals of the planning are, first, to design an event that will make youth from all cultures feel comfortable and empowered to tell their stories of abuse, and second, to design a plan for how to let every young person in Portland know about the event. Any supportive person tied in with any group, large or small, of high school or college age youth in Porltand is invited to

Meeting sponsored by the Police Accountability Campaign 2002.

For more information, contact Greg Cluster: 503 202-5980

Joey Lyons

Unitarian Universalist Young Adult/Campus Ministry Office
Coalition for a Livable Future N/NE Outreach
PO Box 3011, Portland OR 97208
(503)288-6464 tel (509)267-2623 fax

phone: phone: Greg Cluster: 503 20