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PSU Suppresses Rearguard

A description of the events at the PSU Rearguard offices, where University officials allegedly violated First and Fourth Amendment Guarantees. Announcement of Press Conference for 3/7/01.
Follow-up From Press Conference 07.Mar.2001 15:16


Not much more can be added to the account other than a few points about today's press conference:

Representatives from KBOO 90.7 and Channel 12 were there recording the event. Rearguard Editor Dimitrius Desyllas gave his address summarizing the recent events in question. Dimitrius' lawyer Mike Hiestand then gave a quick statement about how the university has violated 1st and 4th Amendments Guarantees. "PSU Administration is treating college students like grammar school students and this has got to stop," said Mr. Hiestand from the Student Press Law Center.

After this, Bar Johnston spoke about her impressions of the situation. She was present when John Fowler, Director of Campus Safety, and other officers first approached Dimitrius on February 23, 2001. Ms. Johnston expressed her concern for PSU Administration's reckless handling of confidential, student disciplinary files. She also stated that part of what made Dimitrius hand over the box of files despite his reservations as to the legality of the school's demands was her expressed concern that the editor may be blamed for the administration's failure to archive the files properly. Her address ended with a call to PSU Administration to respect their students by being more conscientious about handling personal records and also by being willing to admit when they have made a mistake.

During the question and answer period, Mr. Hiestand was asked if any charges were being brought against the university. The lawyer replied that no charges were being brought as of yet. That this is not a monetary issue. This is purely based on upholding respect and the tenants of free speech.

One other concern was whether the Rearguard was still "up and running." Dimitrius replied that they are still trying to get the next issue out, but they are running behind schedule due to obvious reasons.

Clarification 07.Mar.2001 15:25


Bar Johnston: PSU Student President