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Anti-Drug War Vigils

Floyd Ferris Landrath,
1992 Founder American Antiprohibition Lg. & Harm Reduction Zone
1994 Co-Founder Portland NORML
"Escalating" Drug Peace

What: Weekly peaceful vigils in the local offices of our elected representatives.

When: Starting noon, Friday, March 16, 2001, every Friday through March, April and the first week of May.

Dates Representatives Locations
3/16, 4/13, Week 01: US Congress Dist 1, David Wu (D), 620 SW Main St
suite 606 Portland 97205

3/23, 4/20, Week 02: US Congress Dist 3, Earl Blumenauer (D), 516 SE
Morrison St suite 250 Portland 97214

3/30, 4/27, Week 03: US Senator, Gordon Smith (R), 121 SW Salmon St
suite 1250 Portland 97204 (local WTO Hq)

4/06, 5/04, Week 04: US Senator, Ron Wyden (D), 700 NE Multnomah St
suite 450 Portland 97232

Why: The Constitution grants no authority whatsoever to government to prohibit an individual's natural right to use certain drugs, or grow selected plants. Prohibition, the so-called "drug war," is an insult to both our intelligence and our freedom. It's time we return that insult
with non-violent civil disobediance.

The "drug war" is a cover for institutionalized hate and racism, it is used to imprison and suppress millions of minorities and the poor, here and abroad. It is also a cover for US foreign military interventions, like the
$7 billion US sponsored "Plan Colombia." It's an excuse for bigger government, more taxes and generates enormous corruption that can often be traced to the heads of state, military and civilian law enforcement. It's
estimated more than $500 billion a year in narco-dollars are laundered through American banks. Let the truth be told.

No one is trying to excuse meth labs, drug related crime or even drug addiction. Yet it is clear, today's drug laws empower these criminals to create new addicts, your kids. American children use drugs twice as much as their European counterparts, many countries in Europe have legalized
cannabis, seperating it from the hard drugs like heroin. Prohibition creates artificial profits on otherwise marginal commodities. Those who defend the "drug war" are in effect defending these black-market profits,
while spreading meth labs and drug addiction. Regardless intentions, when a law maker denies us our natural rights while in effect promoting drug trafficking and the harm it inflicts upon on citizens and our communities,
then the People must rise up and force them from office. Fair warning.

Support this work, please become a card-carrying member of the nonpartisan American Antiprohibition League.

"There can be no civil society in America without drug peace."
Floyd Ferris Landrath, AAL Founder


phone: phone: 503/235-4524
address: address: 3125 SE Belmont St., Portland, OR 97214