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Portland ACORN Workers are SCABBING!

ACORN workers in Seattle are on strike (100%)! Their demands for timely paychecks, paid overtime, and respect in the workplace are threatened by SCAB workers from Portland.
See the article on www.indymedia.org for more info.

ACORN workers in Philidelphia have been fighting for respect from their employer for quite a while now. ACORN locals all over the country have been responding -- overwhelmingly positively -- to the faxes, leafletting, and newsletters that members of the Industrial Workers of the World have been distributing to workers.

Supposedly a nonprofit organization dedicated to grassroots organizing, ACORN has local chapters around the USA. ACORN frequently stands in solidarity with unions -- as long as it's not their own workers who are organized. The progressive talk of the organization is part of what makes their union-busting tactics so appalling.

ACORN workers face employment conditions unheard of in the "for-profit" world. Ranging from unpaid overtime to late or nonexistent paychecks, it's no wonder workplace inequities inspired the workers to unionize.

An injury to one is an injury to all!

homepage: homepage: http://www.iww.org

Indymedia article's address 02.Mar.2001 14:41

me again

Check it out for yourself, and read the articles at www.iww.org ("alerts") for action you can take!!!

pdx comm orgs notoriously anti-union! 03.Mar.2001 00:31


thank you for posting this information. for a while, i worked for another "community organization" in solidarity with a lot of organizing acorn was doing. this organization spelled my name incorrectly on paychecks, expected me to work unpaid overtime, refused to give me access to my alleged health benefit information, expected me to sign contracts without reading revisions that had been tacked on afterwards, & i won't go into the liberties they took with their constituency!! i began a campaign to organize the entire 4-state program & was mysteriously fired. when my co-worker refused to attend more unpaid training camps put on in conjunction with acorn, he was fired as well. it's time this kind of rampant corruption is exposed!!