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New Single For Mumia Hits 800 Downloads With Help Of World's IndyMedia Centers

More than 800 people have downloaded "Freedom of Speech," the new hip hop single by Buddha Mind, released on Groove Embassy Records (www.grooveembassy.com). The single, inspired by the case of Mumia Abu-Jamal, is out on CD for US$5 and in MP3 format for free. All proceeds from sales of the CD single will go to the ICFFMAJ's organizing fund for Mumia.
15 March 2001 (ROCHESTER, NY, USA) -- Like a building avalanche, the musical word about the fight for justice for jailed journalist and activist Mumia Abu-Jamal is spreading with the help of the world's IndyMedia Centers. "Freedom of Speech," a hip hop single inspired by Mumia's case and released by Groove Embassy Records artists Buddha Mind, has reached 800 downloads, with 300 of those downloads coming in the last four days.

The "Freedom of Speech" CD single features the haunting original mix, with Spee*D Gnot on the mic and music by J.Q.Public. It also includes the synthcore remix by Chicago mixmaster Clark Tetris.

People from all over the globe have taken a trip to www.grooveembassy.com to hear the music, read about Mumia and join in the struggle. Groove Embassy Records is only a small player in the movement, but with the help of the IndyMedia Centers, we're reaching a wide audience.

** No one associated with Groove Embassy Records or Buddha Mind will receive a penny from the song. All profits -- if that day comes -- will go directly to the organizing fund held by the International Concerned Family and Friends of Mumia Abu Jamal. **

You can download MP3s of both versions of "Freedom of Speech" at www.grooveembassy.com. You can also purchase the CD from Groove Embassy Records. Check out www.grooveembassy.com/order.html, call 1-888-GER-1976, or send an e-mail message to  info@grooveembassy.com. The CD is $5 (includes shipping). Once again let us emphasize that all proceeds go to Mumia's defense fund.

homepage: homepage: http://www.grooveembassy.com
phone: phone: 888-GER-1976
address: address: 32 Harlem St. Rochester NY 14607