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Mayor Votes in Favor of Excessive Force on Elderly

oregonian does a decent job, Dora McCrae insulted by Police and the Mayor
mayor has no sensetivity 15.Mar.2001 14:11


that's pretty fucked up

Field Marshall Katz defends Police again! 15.Mar.2001 14:25

Cort Greene cortgreene@excite.com

Time after time the Mayor provides cover for the police or the FBI.Angela Davis says "The police,domestic caretakers of violence,are the oppressor's emissaries,charged with the task of containing us within the boundaries of our oppression"

the mayor 15.Mar.2001 16:01

Sara Kleating

I can tell by looking in the Mayor's eyes that she doesn't trylyu care about the people. I feel like she only cares about her position of power, she brags about how hard she worked to get there. So what if you get there then act rude. That is not admirable, no matter how many men she had to fight her way through to get there as a woman.

What can we do not for Dora? I have awful visions in my head of this elderly woman being brutilized. It's just WRONG!

McCrae Case 15.Mar.2001 16:11

Frank Bills bills523@hotmail.com

So what is the next step? Is McCrae's change for justice all over or is ther emore she can do to appeal? What will happen next? Are they going to go to the grocery storres and arrest all the little old ladies there because they think they're stealing? Maybe not in NW, but you can bet it just might happen in N or NE Portland. So what right to people of darker than caucasian skin have in this town any more?

Things are really messed up these days!

WRITE the Mayor 15.Mar.2001 16:16


I have largely found my contact to the Mayor to be unrewarding, but I continue to write her anyway. She sends back pleasantries and niceties that rarely directly address my issue and sometimes it takes up to 1/2 a year to get a response, but I continue to write her anyway.

WRITE THE MAYOR (e-mail and phone calls are not as powerful)
to tell her that her vote against Dora McCrae was a vote against the rights of the elderly in the Black community of Portland.

Mayor Vera Katz
1221 SW 4th Avenue
Suite 340
Portland, OR 97204-1995

You ask what's next... 16.Mar.2001 10:10


What's next? Keep fighting for civilian review of police actions. The Police Accountability Campaign (PAC 2002) is again collecting signatures for a ballot measure that could change the balance of power between police and the public in this town. (No, it's not revolution, but it is a real change, and hopefully a beginning.)

Watch this website for opportunities to collect signatures and educate the public about this issue. Yes, it's too late to prevent what happened to McCrae, but we can try our hardest to keep it from happening again.

Together we're strong. If ballot measures aren't your style, join Copwatch (503-236-3065), or work with other groups (League of Women Voters, NAACP, etc.) on the issue.