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ELFs Call to Action

Elfs makes a call to action and the FBI uses it to step up spying
ELF Threat Impels FBI to Issue Warning
March 14, 2001, 09:45 AM

From AP Staff

PORTLAND -- The FBI was expected to issue a
warning to all of its offices and other federal buildings
after spokesmen for an eco-terrorist group called for
demonstrations and other "militant direct action" on
April 5.

The Earth Liberation Front issued an e-mail alert
Tuesday from its Portland press offices, targeting
those offices for "direct action" on the same day an
accused ELF saboteur is scheduled to appear in an
Indiana court.

Frank Ambrose was charged in January with spiking
trees to thwart logging of a state forest in
Bloomington, Ind. Ambrose, the first person charged
with committing a crime on behalf of the ELF in North
America, has maintained his innocence.

"It is up to us to resist this repression by any means
necessary," wrote the group's press officers, Craig
Rosebraugh and Leslie Pickering.

The spokesmen say they do not know the identities of
ELF members, and receive anonymous claims of
responsibility from the culprits that they relay to news

The group has claimed responsibility for 19 arsons
and four other significant crimes from Oregon to New
York since 1996, including the arson of a Colorado
ski resort that caused $12 million in damages.

The ELF targets enterprises -- typically logging,
homebuilding and road construction -- that it
accuses of profiting from destruction of the natural

The FBI calls the ELF a domestic terrorist

Supervisory Special Agent Kevin Favreau, who
heads the Portland bureau's domestic terrorism unit,
said he hoped the protests would mirror last year's
peaceful gatherings to protest the FBI's
investigations of the ELF and its sister organization,
the Animal Liberation Front.

But he said it's only a matter of time before some
extremist acting on beliefs held by the group commits
a disastrous crime, such as a bombing.

"What's dangerous about this is the fact that
someone might take militant direct action to mean
something outside the ELF guidelines," he said.

Rosebraugh and Pickering said they hoped their
public call for action would prompt militant
demonstrations -- and perhaps more -- against
federal authorities.

"If they're angry, they ought to do more than just hold
a sign," Pickering said.
wood technology 14.Mar.2001 13:09


Wood technology convention is this week in portland at convention center. they got planers and all that good wood manipulating machinery. big burley men. lowest attendance in years too!

Who are the REAL terrorists? 14.Mar.2001 22:32


This story has strategic omissions and takes quotes out of context to intentionally mislead the audience.

First of all, linking Frank Ambrose to tree spiking and calling him an ELF saboteur before he is convicted, is very slanted and the AP press should be more careful.

Second of all, it is unclear and doubtful whether ELF actually took responsibility for this tree spiking incident, although it is inferred.

Thirdly, it is not mentioned who Frank Ambrose is. He is a very vocal forest activist, and has been successful in organizing legal opposition to timber sales in the Bloomington area. It is more likely that Frank is being framed, since in order to "thwart logging" he had much more realistic legal means at his diposal, and was in the process of using those means when this alleged spiking occured. It just doesn't fit that someone fighting in the courts suddenly resorts to tree spiking in the middle of the court battles.

Fourth, the subsequent targetting of local groups that are not involved in activism is not mentioned in this article. The FBI has launched an all-out smear campaign against many back-to-the landers and activists in the Bloomington area since Frank's arrest/framing.

I am unclear whether this call to direct action is being truly put out by ELF or whether this communique is also being fabricated to begin another "investigation" targetting whichever groups feel the most threatening to the FBI at this particular point in time.

The quotes by Rosebraugh and Pickering seem to be taken out of context and probably are not being given in response to this particular issue. If they are, then this fact should be made clear. If they aren't, then it should not be inferred by ommission.

The AP wire has heavily slanted this article and it should be taken for it's shock value with a grain of salt, and a lime.

I know AP is lying, but where is the truth? 15.Mar.2001 11:06


The issue isn't (at least to me anyway) how they the AP got it wrong. do they ever get it right??
The issue is what did ELF call for on April 5th? Where can I get a copy of their call, statement ... what ever.
How can become more informed regarding their cause if I can't find the information?
i LOVE the AP. its the worst spin doctors the FBI/CIA/Corporations
ever had.
Did I know what april 5th was yesterday? Did I know the FBI was wasting
lots of money to try and find out what folks had planned? would I have known if te AP hadn't told me? Would my interest in ELF have even been piqued if they didn't keep bringing it up?
Since I know AP lies, I don't listen to them but I do pay careful attention
to the subject of the stories they write. It tells me what the police state is spending its energy.
I visted the ELF website and found nothing regarding April 5th.