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International Radical Political Film Festival

*Calling all Activists*
(Esp. anti-capitilism! Including but not limited to human rights, civil rights, womens rights, gay/lesbian rights, animal rights/animal liberation, workers rights, indigenous rights, political
activists, enviromental activists),

--The 1st International Radical Political Film Festival--
-Surrounding May Day 2001 Protests In Los Angeles, CA-

An UPRISING coupled with an activism Film Festival before the Mayday 2001 protests- We're having speakers (Ram Dass and ACLU), bands, raves, teach-ins, and all the truth you can handle! Come join us in the belly of the corporate
media beast!

For more info on the festival in LA go to www.lairpff.50megs.com.

For more info on what the International May Day protests are about go to www.destroyimf.org/afterprague/action/dspM1call.html

A ROADTRIP STARTING FROM SEATTLE is being organized, by bus or caravan. To come along or help plan contact  Photorevolution@aol.com, or call 206-738-5837
Will make stops along way like Portland.

Seeking works from FILMMAKERS involving activism, politics.

Political BANDS and indie labels Contact  Fairylisa@aol.com if you would like to play.

If you cant go, PASS IT ON, spread the word!

homepage: homepage: http://www.lairpff.50megs.com
phone: phone: 206-738-5837