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April Fools: protest the fool in the White House

Any one interested in getting involved with an April Fool's Day Rally to protest the fool in the white house?
please contact me.
tell em they suck 13.Mar.2001 09:47


The 10 'Democrats' Who Voted For Bush Tax Cuts

Sanford Bishop Jr (Georgia-2nd)  bishop.email@mail.house.gov
Bob Clement (Tennessee-5th)  Bob.Clement@mail.house.gov
Gary Condit (California-18th)  rep.condit@mail.house.gov
Bud Cramer (Alabama-5th)  budmail@mail.house.gov
Bart Gordon (Tennessee-6th)  bart.gordon@mail.house.gov
Ralph Hall (Texas-4th)  rmhall@mail.house.gov
Ken Lucas (Kentucky-4th)  write.kenlucas@mail.house.gov
Mike McIntyre (North Carolina-7th)  congmcintyre@mail.house.gov
Collin Peterson (Minnesota-7th)  tocollin.peterson@mail.house.gov
James Traficant (Ohio-17th)  telljim@mail.house.gov