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Zapatista Rebel Caravan Presses for Indigenous Rights in Mexico

Jason Wallach, national grassroots coordinator with the Mexico Solidarity Network, a group which has supported the Zapatistas. He discusses the goals of the caravan and the enthusiastic response it has generated all over Mexico. Listen to the RealAudio version of this interview on Between The Lines website www.btlonline.org for the week ending 3/16/01. To subscribe to Between The Lines Q&A, a weekly transcript of one of the week's segments and/or our Weekly Summary, email  btlqa-subscribe@topica.com and/or  btlsummary-subscribe@topica.com

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and he's coming to Portland! 11.Mar.2001 00:51

Jocelyn Furbush enchina@gofairtrade.net

Jason Wallach will be at Portland State on Wednesday, April 11th to give a workshop on "The Corporate Agenda vs. the People's Agenda." 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. in the Multicultural Center in the SMC(rm 026, 1825 SW Broadway.)

This workshop will give people the tools to:

*Understand the process of corporate-centered globalization, using the US-Mexico relation as the laboratory that defines this process.

*Understand the newest member of the corporate globalization team - the Free Trade Area of the Americas.

*Develop alternatives to corporate-centered globalization.

*Develop the ability to debate corporate-centered globalization and defend alternative visions.

*Develop grassroots strategies that open democratic spaces for civil society to struggle against corporate-centered globalization and to promote alternatives.

Jason Wallach works as an organizer and educator for both the Mexico Solidarity Network and Chiapas Media Project. He has worked in solidarity with indigenous people in the Americas since 1992. Currently, Jason organizes educational seminars and grassroots political support for human rights defense, anti-militarization and fair trade. He regularly leads human rights delegations into conflict zones in Chiapas and Guerrero. With a background in popular economic education, Jason has edited two books on Popular Education methodology for the Highlander Research and Education Center and Atlanta-based Project South. He currently lives in Chicago, Illinois.

The Mexico Solidarity Network is a US-based coalition of 88 community organizations that support struggles for human rights, democracy and social justice in Mexico.

The Chiapas Media Project is a bi-national effort to provide indigenous communities in Chiapas with computer and video training and equipment. The project enables indigenous communities to tell their own stories in their
own words and images. Participants working with the project have shot thousands of hours of footage and completed about a dozen video productions. Three teams of indigenous video-makers recently documented the historic Zapatista caravan from Chiapas to Mexico City.