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The Mood is about to Change

World Wrestling Federation is de-sensitizing our children to gratuitous, sexist violence.
I only write an article when my senses are outraged, as in the case of Lionel Tate, a fourteen year old boy sentenced to life in an adult prison, for playing! I have a son of mixed-race, aged eleven, who like many children of this age group, is obsessed with WWF and the aggressive hype surrounding it, 'The Rock' being his hero. Although I don't approve, he emmulates wrestling moves on his six year old sister, I've warned them of the danger, but it's just a game to them. But youngsters can't differentiate between choreography and reality. This type of accidental death between siblings has happened before, it will happen again. That's why WWF is ultimately responsible for the death of a little girl and the inhumane incarceration, by Judge Joel Lazarus, of a boy, who had he been white would have found clemency, but being black, got 'No Mercy.' If the wrestling "superstars" who teach our children this profound violence, do not rally to support Lionel and demand that his sentence be quashed, then they are as sick as the senseless characters they portray!
Children Need the Struggle, Education; Not TV 11.Mar.2001 10:23


If Lionel Tate had been white, he would never have been charged. That is the reality in racist America, which apparently the Jamaican mother of Lionel Tate did not understand. While it is certainly tragic that 12-year-old Tate accidentally killed a 6-year-old child, it does not warrant any charges whatsoever. What Tate needs is what everyone needs: To get away from that garbage TV and participate in cultural activities and political activities with his parents. He also should be actively encouraged to be an "A" student, which means going to the library every week to pick up a pile of books to read, and return books that have been read, in addition to the reading required in school. The USA is not only very anti-intellectual and correspondingly apolitical, it also correspondingly promotes a very long childhood. Childhood ends at age 10; serious study must begin for education is the key to a better future. The parents should also bring their children to whatever political activities they participate in, including but not limited to precinct walking, demonstrations, picketlines and the like. If the child has any interest in art or music, he/she should be enrolled in art and music classes or take private lessons for it is culture that defines our humanity and differentiates us from wild animals. The jury issued a racist verdict and the judge issued a racist sentence, which will cost the taxpayers a fortune, because there is no labor movement. So long as there is no labor movement, we will continue to have racist laws passed by the voters and the legislatures, racist juries and racist verdicts. Obviously, parents should not allow 12-year-olds to "play" with 6-year-olds, and in this case, not only was there an age difference, but a size difference as the 12-year-old was as big as an average adult. It also appears that this event took place late at night. Children age 6 should be in bed at 7 p.m.; 12-year-olds should be in bed by 10 p.m. Nevertheless, he should not have been charged with anything; he desperately needs guidance far way from that garbage TV. It is time we shut down the prison-industrial complex and build more schools guaranteeing free quality education to all from age 3 (grade school should start at age 3) through college.

education is propaganda 11.Mar.2001 21:55


the education you get in schools is propaganda. curfews are not the answer to all problems either.