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listen up Nader Haters!

Stop blaming Nader for all the horrible things Furher Bushler does! How is it a real democracy if you can't vote for someone you believe in?
Listen to This 09.Mar.2001 07:32

the voice of justice

If you want to here Portland's preminent Nader Basher checkout Marlene Smith on KBOO Fridays from 10 AM til Noon. Seldom a week goes by without the old constipated wench saying something about Nader. She features Dave Emory in his "Free Radio America" series. At least its entertaining

Thanks Warcry... 10.Mar.2001 09:09

chibi chibi23@wildmail.com

All this finger pointin' just adds insult to the injury of not even hitting the 5 percent mark nationwide...