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Social Experiments in Oregon

Social Engineering Experimentation is occuring on many levels and only a thinking, active citizenry will preserve our rights. The alternative is slavery of body, mind and spirit.
excerpts from Spring 2001 issue of ACLU Oregon News:

A student and her parents have challenged a random drug testing program at Oakridge High School. "The current Oakridge drug-testing program was implemented after school officials agreed to participate in an Oregon Health Sciences University (OHSU) study of the effectiveness of random urine testing in deterring high school drug use"..."I was taught in school that our Constitution guarantees that every American is presumed innocent by the government until they are proven guilty," Ginelle Weber said. "But now my school tells me that I am presumed guilty unless I prove my innocence. That's just not right.

It seems this 16 year old high school student has a better grasp of the law of the land, than the school officials that run her school. It's a pity what students are up against in getting an education and it's a shame more people aren't upset about the attack on our constitutional rights as citizens. School board members in every school where this is occuring should be brought to task on their decision to engage in these illegal activities, in the name of preventing some other illegal activity.

The OHSU study includes 13 schools in Oregon, including Philomath, Waldport, and The Dalles.