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Pacific Green Party Endorses Candidates

On Wednesday, February 21st candidates for the current and 2002 election presented themselves to the Multnomah County chapter of the Pacific Green Party. The room of over 30 members enthusiastically applauded the speakers, all of whom they agreed to endorse. Party members expressed confidence in the where the Green Party is headed and the platform they can present in the 2002 election.
A brief description of the candidates follows:

Sy Kornbrodt - Multnomah Education District Board
Kornbrodt is running for re-election against two opponents. While his opponents are quick to criticize proposals, Kornbrodt says he prefers to focus on positive solutions. A "one size fits all" equalization of financing for all districts is being proposed, which he feels will harm successful programs with special needs because, simply put, some areas cost more.

(There are 4 slots that will be open for the Portland Public School Board)

Carrie Adams - Portland Public School Board
As a member of the Crisis Team and as a working mother of three, Adams is very concerned about the quality of education in Portland. She first became aware of the inequities when her son entered a middle school composed largely of low-income students where there was emphasis on shop class but no funding for computers. She supports teachers and wants to encourage the hiring of principles who really care about their staff and will work to help the teachers improve.

Derry Jackson - Portland Public School Board
Jackson prides himself on being an open and accessible person who wants people to be able to trust him. While on the current School Board, he has actively worked to encourage a dialogue with the Crisis Team while other Board members wanted to ignore the Team. Jackson believes that the Crisis Team's concerns are very important concerns that should be addressed.

Lorenzo Poe - Portland Public School Board
Poe was unable to attend the meeting but he is a progressive candidate for the Board whose views are in line with Adams and Jackson .

Taro O'Sullivan - City Council
Taro believes that the majority of the vision of the citizens of Portland is not effectively translated through the City Council. Because funding for many programs will be down with President Bush in office, he feels it is up to the City Council to work harder than ever for the citizens. O'Sullivan wants to see the City doing more outreach. He is a strong supporter of citizen oversight of the Portland Police, and in particular of PAC-2002.

Lisa (Mann) Melyn - Tualatin Valley Water District
Melyn is fighting for clean safe water in Tualatin and Wilsonville. Current proposals seem to have the towns in bed with multi national corporations and a lot of revolving doors are spinning, which has Melyn very concerned.