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The Shortwave Report 2/9/01 LISTEN GLOBALLY!

30 minutes of news and opinion pieces recorded from a shortwave radio. New show every 2 weeks. (13.6mb) This edition features Radio Netherlands, Deutsche Welle, Radio Havana Cuba, Radio Spain, China Radio Int, and the Voice of Russia. Free to rebroadcast, please notify. Also times and frequencies for listening on your own. LISTEN GLOBALLY!
This edition has stories from Radio Netherlands- Libya denies Lockerby conviction, Euro Commision bans T-bones and Prime Rib, NAFTA bans Brazilian beef, Pinochets handwritten evidence; Deutsche Welle- criticism of Israels Sharon; Radio Havana Cuba- Argentina money laundering, Bush finances anti-Hussein forces, the CIAs pals in Peru, and an opinion piece on the 3 recent world economic forums; Spain- Indigenous uprising in Ecuador; China- No military in space!; Russia- Rumsfield a big hit at Security Council meeting in Germany. Plus times and frequencies for English-language broadcasts. 30 minutes (13.6mb).
Free to rebroadcast upon notification. New show posted every 2nd and 4th Friday 9am PST

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