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Local Police and FBI got you bugged... now throw in the CIA

Portland Joint Terrorism Task Force (local area police depts. and FBI) want to criminalize political disidents. Guess what, the CIA is in on the act too.
There have been a few articles but very little coverage by mainstream media regarding the un-holy alliance between the FBI and the CIA known as Counter-Intelligence 21," or CI-21.

"The general premise behind CI-21 is to try to determine what are America's true equities, and then to extend this interagency cooperation in a systematic way to try to better protect those assets and deter acts of espionage that target them," said the CIA's Tenet."We can no longer afford to focus our counterintelligence efforts only after an incident has sparked a full criminal case, because at that point it's too late. The damage has been done."

Read here that if you lock everyone up except your buddies you will have no crime or interference with your schemes

Every conscious citizen of the United States should be banging down the door of every level of governmental representation they have, to demand that they are recognized as the "true equity" of America. If your political representative will not represent you, then you need to elect someone who will. The raising of corporate interest to be the "true equity" of America over the citizens is tantamount to a hostile takeover of our country. Plato don't mind corporations but the balance of power should lean toward the human beings that do the work. The combining of local police departments, FBI and CIA resembles the special police forces and elite armies that protect dictators in countries we hold as examples of how not to be. These police forces with their special priveledges operate off of fear, greed and lust for power... they've got theirs and tough luck for you.

Every mother of every son and daughter who is taking part in this type of action against other citizens, should go grab their little nazi by the ear and kick their ass all the way home telling them I didn't raise you to become an asshole.

This is not the America so many of our citizens have fought and died for. In the history of our country or any for that matter I'm sure there was never a soldier, cold, scared and close to dying who thought, "gee I hope the CEO (or General) gets an even bigger bonus this year than last year. I'm so happy to give up my life for them." They suffered and died for their comrads and their families... it's the same today.

Call and write your representatives from your local city councilperson up to Wanker himself and let them know what their priorities should be: Healthcare (this starts with a healthy environment) and Education (this starts with learning to think and solve problems, not just learning how to stamp out circuit boards) for all citizens and not war on our own citizens. What happened to the War on Poverty. There's a war they can sink their teeth into and do some good. Where is our Czar for the War on Poverty instead of the Counterintelligence Czar... I mean the name itself is screaming at us... is anyone listening.

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