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PJTTF rally against An Agent

Thursday 1/25 at 6:30 NW Everett
NW Cultureal Center, Thuirday, Agent Szady does a presentation on Joint Terrorism Task Force to a bookclub.

The Liberation Collective will be picketing outside, and are requesting some Q&A time. It starts at 7pm (NW 19th & Everett), but the demo will probably start around 6:30.
I will be there. 24.Jan.2001 23:56


I am planning on attendng this.
I was told by a girl who lives in NE that she was stopped by the police, detained, asked for ID, and another unmarked car arrived the driver had a camera and she was asked to take off her bike helmet and a photo was taken of her as well as her ID info taken. She said this happened to a couple of her friends also.
I am horrified to learn this as I trust her. I am anxious to find out why they are doing this to citizens.
for what purpose?