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Homelessness Marathon on KBOO

Wonderful annual program on homelessness airs on KBOO 90.7 FM till 6 AM on Thursday 1/25
This is an annual nmationally syndicated program, hosted in a digfferent city each year. The host interviews people involved in the homlessness issue around the country while being outside overnght.

More importlantly, perhaps is the voice the host offers to the homeless. He takes call-ins and allows them to speak while having the homeless callers interact with the other people on the line, those invovled in the issue though not homeless.

An engaging and touching program each year past, this year's program is no let down. Definitely a mind-opening program offering a deeper look at the problem of homelessness in this country.

KBOO can be found at 90.7 FM in Portland, 97.9 in The Gorge and 100.7 in teh Willamette Valley.