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What are we going to do now?

Now that Bush is around, what shall we do?
We need to be constantly on our toes and contacting our representatives. Wyden and Smiths' phones gotta be ringing off the hook for ever issue.

No more sitting around complaining. We must let them know how we feel. They say every phone call or letter is worth so many more, that they know there are "so many more" out there feeling the same way.

Sure we're active in a variety of ways, but if we can all spend the extra moment each week to make a call.. phfew! we can be heard.

We've got a tough term coming up!
YES! 24.Jan.2001 15:13


Okay, call me crazy, but I've been thinking this for a while and your post only makes my argument stronger.

Bush is a strange fella, a shell of a man, with a lot of people pulling his puppet strings to make him dance an evil awkward dance. He's not friendly. Having him in office is awful.

Or is it.....?

Maybe now the Left will mobilze to get our shit more firmly in place. We must use technology to it's fullest to facilitate strong communication and dialogue, but we must also reach out to those who haev no access to technology (reasonably). This means meeting and greeting our neighbors and hangin with people. Shooting the shit, talking politics in an uplifting way... "and here is what you can reasonably do to help!"

Maybe now more people, a broader range, will realize how fucked up the system is. we saw much diversity at J20. Now we have a hardcore in there who will use the system to fulfill his every dream and get away with it.

Or will he....?
Will we let him get away with murder?

The question is not whether or not we will let him, but can we stop him. I strongly believe we can if we are more firmly organize, use e-mail and listserves and IMC, be quick and concise, disseminat info without killing treeas, but also MEET each other and build strong bonds.

We must also make our message palatable and solid and reach the others out there who aren't in the know.

bes of luck to ya'll, here we go!

yes! 24.Jan.2001 23:48


I athink folks need to really get centered and
practice reaching out to the middle who we will need to
affect long lasting change. If teens in the 60s didn't bring the message against the vietnam war home to Mom and Dad(thus galvanizing the middle class) it would not have stopped.
I work with Christians and speak often of our obligation as "stewards of the land" to try and bring up issues of the enviroment.
people really do care they just don't "identify"
with "protesters". I was in the street on J20 dressed as nicely and as "middle-class as I could manage. I hope folks will begin to think about how to try to bring the "landed elite"(a quote from something I read, i personally found these words inflammatory and not helpful to the cause) out to the streets.

Middle-class warriors 26.Jan.2001 09:58


As far as the J20 crowd went, I found it to be extremely middle-class. I saw some colorful radicals, sure, but the predominant look of the group was very staid, unassuming, "normal." I took this to be a good sign- regular folks, comfortable folks, are finally coming out of their shell and doing something about their sense of isolation and malaise.