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New York City's Direct Action Network Builds on the Alliances of Seattle

Interesting news from the Portland Jobs With Justice website.

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Boycott contributors to the Republican Party 24.Jan.2001 11:08

Winston Smith


First of all, I make no money from this boycott. I don't seek any public office. I cannot do this alone. I cannot do this without you. The people who boycott own the boycott, not just me.

Second. I support the protests, but honestly do you believe the Republicans will do anything as a result of the protests? People should make their voices heard. Republicans listen to their contributors first before they will listen to you and me. Republicans understand MONEY more than they understand protest.

Third, I believe that people should vote. However as important a voting appears, look what happened in Florida. Still I say vote so you can support those who help you and punish the ones who oppose your views but how often can you do this? Once every year in local general elections. Once every two years for congress and once every four years for president. Once every six years for Senator.

What can people do every day? They can boycott, namely go on STRIKE. They make a purchasing STRIKE. They take their hard earned money and only buy from people other than the ones they want to punish. Who do you want to punish? You want to punish those who give aid and comfort and money to the Republicans. One person cannot do it alone. A boycott appears as one large buyers union where people organize not for price discounts but for punishment, to STRIKE. With a labor STRIKE you withhold your labor. With a boycott, you withhold your money but unlike the labor strike you can buy elsewhere. Do we have to boycott every contributor to the Republican Party? No. You only need to punish the big and prominent ones and hold them hostage economically which appears legal, make demands of them in order to force the Republicans to do OUR agenda.

I heard over the weekend at the demonstrations people say that you will only get something done when you challenge those in power and people in power will not willingly give away their power. You have to take it away. Money appears as one measure of power. If you take away money you take away power to a great extent. How do you get at the people in power? Indirectly through their campaign contributors and also with bystanders. Dante once mentioned, their appears a special place in hell for bystanders, who take no position while injustice occurs. But we need many people and just like with advertising you have to send the message over and over. Over 100 people look at my website every day. 15 percent of these people send the boycott petition to the President and congress. At the peak where my website address got in the Village Voice Newspaper in NYC last week, over 400 people looked at my site on one day and I got 75 people to send in the petition in one day! 1460 families have now joined this boycott since November.

You have to punish those you oppose every day to get your agenda done eventually. You do that by punishing the contributors to the Republican Party. Yes, protest, yes vote but use your purchasing power.

You cannot bribe a politician to get your agenda done but you can threaten a politician through their contributors and hurt both of them for not doing your agenda by not buying from their contributors and you can do it with a VENGEANCE but you need many people and you need to organize.

I would like to credit Moses, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and Nelson Mandela as the original and famous practitioners of boycotts.
Moses? Yes, with the help of G-d he turned Egypt's water into Blood, locusts to ruin the food supply, smote Egypt's first born until Pharoah capitulated.

Thank you for reading this.

So let it get written, so let it get done.



As of today I begin OPERATION OPENING DAY BASEBALL. Those who want to join especially groups of people can do the following as a volunteer. If you go to the opening baseball game in your city, make up a cloth sign which you can easily hide. Also do this at other baseball games on any date and at other sporting events like the Kentucky Derby, basketball, hockey, etc.

Write the words FRAUD W BUSH on your cloth sign and optionally place the url

boycott-republicans.com and/or another url the person desires.

on the sign as well. When you get to the game unfurl it and let the tv cameras focus on it. You do not need the www

If you go see if you can get a seat behind home plate. Also this applies to any baseball game you go to as a group or individual.


It might appear too late for people to do this for the Super Bowl but if you can, then do so. At least someone has planned a banner flying over the stadium in Tampa.

Why did I pick FRAUD W BUSH as the words? Because they appear short and to the point.



Thank you for your service to exposing FRAUD W BUSH to the legitimate embarrassment he deserves.

The Emperor has no clothes.