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revolutionless anarchists throw empty evian bottles at anything that moves

from throwing rotten fruit-to-igniting a bomb anything could have been accomplished at the innaugural parade, however, this is anything but the case.
labels, rhetoric, label, rhetoric.
i'm this.
i'm that.

i hate citing low brow bumper-sticker common sensiclism, but you ever here


apparently not. I was there at the navy memmorial, and if you didn't label yourselves the way you do, i wouldn't be posting this,however, if you are going to label yourself a revolutionary, why don't you start backing up your rhetoric/propaganda! The anarchist at the navy memorial spent more time harrasing civilians then any of the UNIFORMED AGENTS OF THE STATE.

if a couple of days in jail aren't worth your rhetoric, if a slight beating isn't worth your propaganda, if no sacrifice is worthy of the cause you potray yourself to be empassioned about, why, why waste anyones time?
It makes you feel good about yourself? It gives you purpose?
quit fucking searching for god!

dogmatism is human kinds biggest adversary.

ps yes, im another agent of the state, and everyone else that even remotely see's through you is as well.
Dear MR. MRISBTY 23.Jan.2001 18:06


I hope you are not trying to use this comments board to
try and insite folks to violence. That isn't very nice and
and could result in this board becoming a target of the state.

Please refrain from finding fault with others and focus instead on
solutions that you can do to affect the kind of change you want.


better alive and out of jail 23.Jan.2001 22:40

allen atimm@pacifier.com

Your more valuable for the cause out of jail and in the community. Please stay there.
Easy targets are what they want. You were the one also in another post who recomended that DC
protestors do more then boo at the passing motorcade carrying the President. These protestors
made a point regardless by forcing the planet to look on as cops lined 3 deep with machine
guns and concussion grenades protected the installed Puppet Dictator. Not even NBC could
ignore it. In essense you gave these protestors an order no experienced military commander
could ever issue, that is to challenge a vastly superior force with little more then fists and words.
Most would have died immediately. If you think these guys could care who they fire on you can
just forget about it. To them those people would have been clay targets.
Why dont you do something really radical and talk on the street with those who now know the
mass-media charade is over. It isn't washing any longer and the Corporate monster is running
down the street naked and staggering.
Last thing, (maybe I am misinformed but this my perception from talking to all types of folks) for every demonstrator from now on that shows up there are thousands more that distrust the system and the failure
of it to protect them from unjust decisions like the Installation. The Supreme Court has made a mockery
of what little ability the people had left to choose the government they wanted. You should
use your energy on trying to focus that anger. So stay out of prison and the intensive care
your community needs you here.

Police or Idiot, you decide 23.Jan.2001 22:47

mark m

The individual posting these messages all over the IMC's is either a bored government agent, a complete moron, or both.

He/she should probably just be ignored.