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Protesting and Local Businesses

Just an idea.
There is a lot of unused muraling fodder in this city.

Though it would be a challenge to put together, it would be possible to coordinate actions between mural artists and local business owners to mural their buildings.

If business owners were worried about a political message polarizing their clientele or drawing aggression to their establishment, ... the mural could be non-political, but educational to quality ways of life.

If someone does want to have a political message, ... it could be done in a way that didn't leave anyone open for a libel suit.

One way or another this could be both an excellent way for artistic types to express their hope for a future social order that takes better care of it's people, and for some outreach to the local business community to be involved with enacting a new vision of life.

Just an idea.
small business 22.Jan.2001 23:30

allen atimm@pacifier.com

Your community instinctively knows that as the parasite kills the host the corporate leeches
will suck out its resources while giving only tokens back. Yes, we have a micro third world country, consider the recent layoffs in the steelmills, these same mills sold (our) subsidised power to Califonia at astronomic rates and let go of hundreds of workers while making millions, and this heartless move hasn't gone unnoticed.

Small business' know also that as the capitol takes flight, with it goes the support they need to survive.
I think that considering the current puppet dictatorship crisis these businesses in Portand are open to ideas
to combat this.

A sense of rage is rising as the community realizes its paying for its own destruction in the guise tax abatements for corporations. This shifts taxes to small businesses and the rest of us. Corporate welfare is killing them.
I dont think it will take much to ask to put up a message (considering the horrors outlined above). As I was handing out flyers for Jan 20th protest I would go into a small business downtown and ask them to put some. None refused. So at least for this message they were receptive anyway.