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portland protest committee

organize a portland protest committee to sponsor weekly rallies & teach-ins & facilitate cross-organizational alliances
in case you haven't heard, george w. recently passed into effect a decree banning american funds to overseas groups which perform abortions. he's been in office for 48 hours & he's already committing atrocities. i don't know about y'all, but this is not acceptable to me & i am not content to just sit around & wait until may 6 (million voter march) to get out in the streets & try to educate people about this again.

my proposal: i want to form a committee which will help organize weekly protests & teach-ins about the various horrible things i am sure bush is going try to enact during his administration. keep the momentum going, keep people informed, don't let a week go by without reminding the city that this monster is in office & we have the collective power to remove him. or at least do everything we can to counteract the horrible things he will be doing to people all over the world with his bills. this committee can also help facilitate consciousness-raising & coalition-building with groups all over portland. i know there are lots of different political alliances represented on these lists already, & we need to act together to teach each other & rally our spirits in these dark days.

if you are interested in doing this, please e-mail be personally. i have lots of community-organizing experience, but i know others have more. collectively, we can make this an incredible outrage that no one in portland can ignore. if enough people contact me, i'd like to try to have the first planning/brainstorming session this weekend. questions? e-mail me.

love, ciara