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Dignity Village on the move Again

Dignity Village has been forced to move again
This was forwarded around on e-mail and I feel it should reside here as well.


Good morning all Dignity soldiers and crew, all
supporters in the US, UK and Canada, good morning Dome
Village in LA, NHC in DC, Tent City in Seattle, good
morning Portland, London, Vancouver and Calgary.

Big thanks to supporter Chena for updating the
 tentcitypdx@yahoo.com address book so that everyone
gets these emails. For those of you who don't know who
I am, my name is Jack Tafari, Dignity soldier and a
coordinator for the Out of the Doorways campaign.

The little village named Dignity is on the move once
again, sometime today we will probably get a 24 hour
exclusion order from the Portland police asking us to
leave the public land we presently live on. Our
present site near the marina in the posh Riverside
section of Portland between PGE the condos of the rich
is unsuitable for long-term occupation. The ground is
muddy and would turn into a mud bath after a few days
of heavy rain. The place our site selection team has
chosen for us is better ground, dryer ground with a
curb around its perimeter. It will contain our growth
and allow us to grow as a community, allow us to
remain a village and not grow into a mighty tent city.
This could easily happen. With our solution to the
rising cost of living space for mainly working poor
people in this country which is called nylon and comes
in the form of tents, we have tapped into an area of
huge social need. Two to three thousand people sleep
outside on any given night in this small city, sleep
in doorways and under bridges, in shrubbery in vacant
lots and in cars. This is wrong. The Bible says that
the earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof. We
thank Commissioner Sten for interceding on our behalf
with Mayor Katz. Tomorrow we will gather our tents and
equipment together in our carts and move to our new
location. We are moving ahead into a better future. We
have come too far now to go back and the only
direction we can go is forward. Tafari.

Tent City/Streetroots,
For those who can't afford free speech

homepage: homepage: http://www.streetroot.org