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J20 Corporate Media Protest at The Oregonian: 10 min

Video is 10 mins, 33 secs long.

J20, 2001 - Social Activist march from Pioneer Sq. in Portland, Oregon to "The Oregonian" newspaper building and protest the lack of coverage of real issues. The Oregonian only seems to provide a voice for the status quo and corporate greed.
J20 Corporate Media Protest at The Oregonian: 10 min
J20 Corporate Media Protest at The Oregonian: 10 min
VIDEO of the march on the Oregonian 22.Jan.2001 10:35

Wes brain@mind.net

Consider submitting your video for play on Public Access Televison. The three stations in the Portland area are Portland Cable Access, 503-288-1515 ext. 23 is "Programming", ask for Victor; Multnomah Community TV, 503-491-7636 ext. 332--contact is David Bram; Tualatin Valley Community Access 503-629-8534 ext. 107 for "Programming."

Also please consider contacting me because I would like to get a copy for broadcast on Rogue Valley Community Televison here in Southern Oregon. Here we broadcast "labor television" every Wed. and Fri. at 6PM on cable channel 31... In fact tonight (8 PM channel 31) we will be broadcasting "Inaugeration Day Pro-Democracy March and Rally." This 49 minute production shows the successful gathering we had on J20 in Medford, Oregon when over 100 people came together to voice displeasure over the Presidential Election and the stealing of our democracy by corporations. The show repeats on Fri., J26 at 6PM...

Hope you can get your tape broadcast up there! Hope to hear from you.
Wes Brain
Ashland, Oregon