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Why Protest J20

Please- if you feel that this "election" has seriously weakened our claim to being a democratic nation, come out and protest this Saturday.
On Saturday, January 20, George Bush will be inaugurated as the 43rd President, after a bitterly contested election. Bush was effectively handed the Presidency after massive electoral fraud in Florida and a tainted Supreme Court decision. Bush also lost the popular vote by more than half a million votes, casting even further doubt on the
legitimacy of his administration. Even though 51% of the nation's voters supported progressive candidates, Bush continues to push his deeply conservative agenda with the Cabinet appointments of right-wing reactionaries such as John Ashcroft, Gale Norton, and Linda Chavez.

This Saturday, demonstrations will be held in nearly every town and city across the U.S. to protest Bush's blatant theft of the election and the damage that he has inflicted on American democracy itself. In Portland, the demonstration will be held at 2 p.m. in Pioneer Square.
We are encouraging every responsible citizen who is outraged at the injustice of Bush's selection to attend, and to show his administration that the American people will not forgive and we will not forget. The majority of American voters support progressive issues and we cannotallow George Bush to apply the tyranny of the
minority over us.

Please note that this is not an official Green Party-sponsored demonstration. It is being organized independently of the Greens, because the corruption of our electoral process affects all Americans, no matter what their party is. This is also _not_ a pro-Gore rally,
because Al Gore is as much a part of the problem as George Bush, and both shared many of the same financial contributors. This non-violent protest is about reminding our politicians that every vote should count, and that we cannot sit back and allow conservative extremists like Bush and his cronies on the Supreme Court to trample our democracy. It will also serve as an opportunity to demand serious electoral reform in America, from campaign finance reform to the introduction of Instant Runoff voting.

Everyone who would like to attend is encouraged to make signs that represent the issues that resonated the most with them from the election and its aftermath. Jeff Cropp has written a booklet detailing many specific instances of electoral fraud in the 2000 election, the problems we now face, potential electoral reforms, and how we can become involved in preserving our democracy. He plans to distribute these both at the protest and at bridges and intersections leading into downtown before the event. If anyone would like to help him distribute these, contact him at  jcropp99@hotmail.com.

Please- if you feel that this "election" has seriously weakened our claim to being a democratic nation, come out and protest this Saturday.