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J20 Local Events *E X P A N D E D*

Northern Oregonians Unite!
J20 Local Events  *E X P A N D E D*
J20 Local Events *E X P A N D E D*
Local j20 Events

11 AM
Clark County Courthouse
Demonstration, they will be construction an oversized orange containing items that represent right we may loose during Bush's reign.

11 AM
Astorial Community Store
A funeral procession for democracy - WEAR BLACK

12 PM
NOW Rally
Edith Green Federal Building
1220 SW 3rd
Call 503-452-0272 for more info

2PM Pioneer Square
An Anti-inauguration Demonstration
Bring signs and banners. There will be an open speakers' forum.

7 PM
Denauguration to De-ball Bush
SE Division Street
Laughing Horse Books
Egyptian Club
Red and Black Cafe

All three locations will have festivities simulating an inauguration ball, in a bizarre way. Spoofs on George W. and his posse will be making the rounds to meet and greet. Music begins at Laughing Hose at 7, and at Egyptian Cafe at 9. Specifics are not yet available for Red and Black.

6-12 PM
The People's Inaugural Ball
Benton County Fairgrounds
Music and more, this is a benefit for KBOO
Contact 503-231-8032 for more information.

Thanks to KBOO 90.7 FM listeners for providing much of the above information.
Portland: J20 update 19.Jan.2001 02:24

Floyd Ferris Landrath aal@inetarena.com

Thursday, Jan. 18, 2001

Hello everyone,
Just a quick note to let you know today I received a phone message from
Portland Police Bureau Lt. Mike Gribes (sp?). In his message he expressed
concern for our ability to self-police this event, suggesting we should
have "marshals" or "monitors" to try and keep people in line. I did not
get his message until early this evening so I left him a message at
503/823-0348, I'll try to hook up with him on Friday sometime. He was
polite and seemed sincere, although I think he's under the misconception
that this is "my" event ... eventhough I tried to make it clear in the
independent release I sent out on Jan. 15, it isn't.
At any rate I would be glad to volunteer to act as a citizen - police
liaizon to help communication and hopefully prevent any individuals from
acting in a manner that would detract from what we are going to Pioneer
Square for in the first place. I'm angry and I know all of you are too,
yet we must remember this is a national issue, at least 20 other cities are
holding events like ours here in Portland. I intend to non-violently
protest against this recent election fraud, and subsequent theft of our
Democracy by GW and his radical right-wing supporters. I then intend to
get back to work restoring, improving and expanding our Democracy so this
kind of thing won't happen again. So, it would be senseless, and
unacceptable to take our anger out on our own community, muchless let
anyone trash our collective "livingroom," as Pioneer Square is often called.
I don't think or have any reason to believe there will be any trouble. I
only hope we have been able to get the word out to enough people, that we
will be able to demonstrate the fact our anger and conern are not just
limited to a political fringe. I am encouraged by the many of you who took
the ball and ran with it on your own initative, with your own funds.
Independent, de-centralized grass-roots action like this is at the essence
of our freedom, and its protection thereof.

Floyd Ferris Landrath,
503/235-4524 (after 6pm)


finally! 19.Jan.2001 12:15


Thanks for getting all this infoo together, Indymedia. I have been asking around and could not find anything. Now I know. GREAT! Wonderful resourrce, way to go, I think I need to be involved with you charactrs cause this is just too cool.

Militant Non-violence 20.Jan.2001 05:02

FireFly ARMTHEPOOR@hushmail.com

Lets not beat around the bush.
Lets just beat BUSH.
The events of the past elaction are such a sham that only large scale action will inable people to reclaim their power. The vote is a done deal. Don't be silenced by their smoke and mirriors. BUSH and his ilk must be drivin from this land like the plage. As every major city in the amerikan empire is disrupted and protested we've come yelling: NO MORE TYRANNY!!! NO MORE LIES!!!
One thing for sure we WILL be heard! We WILL NOT be pushed and kicked by the boys in blue! We are Non-violent with everyone who is Non-violent with us. Kroker and Krebbs are just as undemocaticly in authority over you as Bush; Don't bow to any of them.
Remember: We are the makers of history; Don't be just another cog in their machine. RISEUP and take YOUR power back.
See you out in the street...