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Dining with Dignity

Sisters of the Road Cafe will receive $.50 for every dollar donated before the end of the year.
Sisters of the Road Cafe is an important resource in Portland that has been around for over 20 years. They opened to offer a safe public place for all people. They are strongly non-violent and pro community organizing. They offer hot nutritious meals for $1.25. The cost of this meal to Sisters is $3.00.

Sisters of the Road encourages people to get back on track with stable work and a life free of problematic addictions. They help alleviate the pain of hunger and homelessness in Portland and offer an opportunity for folks to "dine with dignity". Sisters puts together hygeine kits and distributes them to those in need during their holiday dinner. Job training is available and the price of the meals offered can be paid in ways other than with hard cash.

An annonymous donation is being offered to Sisters of the Road. $.50 will be added to every dollar donated before the end of the year, so now is an excellent time to make a contribution to this wonderful stable resource.

In the spirit of anti-consumerism, consider making a donation to an organization such as Sisters of the Road Cafe as a gift to a friend or loved one this holiday season.

Contact Sisters of the Road:
133 NW 6th Avenue
Portland, 97209