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Headlines of the November issue provoke attack on Streetroots vendor.

Vendors of Portland's street newspaper "Streetroots" have been harrased over the contents of the November Issue.
In November, the Streetroots headline concerned the apprehension of a 16 year old youth with the use of an AR-15 assault rifle. The story was met with a variety of responses. Many passers by simply could not believe their eyes when they took a glance at the headlines and had to buy a copy to read the details of the story. Consequently, the paper sold out and more copies had to be run off. However, vendors have also reported harrasment from police officers and memebers of the general public. Streetroots has been critisized for becoming a forum to bash the police.
One man even took it upon himself to throw a cup of coffee over Jeff a Streetroots vendor who usually sells the paper on the PSU campus.
As the author of the article I would like to state that it was not intended to offer any "opinion" about the conduct of the police. The purpose was simply to report on an incident that actually took place. The intent was to keep the public infomred to events that were not covered by other media.
Furthermore, Streetroots is not out to "bash" the police. The goal of the paper is to provide a voice to disenfranchised people and highlight homeless issues to the people of Portland. By being homless, a person will have inevitable contact with the police and it is up to the paper to cover this relationship.
It should also be noted that the paper aims to provide a source of income to the vendors but the vendors do not neccesarily hold the opinion of all the writers/reporters. The vendors are not answerable to the content of the paper or the stories it covers. If people have problems concerning the content of the stories they can contact the newsroom with the phone number, address and email addresses provided at the front of each issue.

phone: phone: 503-239-7513
address: address: 2307 SE Taggart St Portland, Oregon 97202

Support for Streetroots 02.Dec.2000 19:45

Kyrin Gloom

I applaud Streetroots for all of its accomplishments. This particular story seems to be less insulting to Kroeker's Marines than the sept 26th and May Day coverage that shook our city. Streetroots has been the only paper in town that I am willing to pay for (besides my subscription to Th Portland Alliance) and I will continue to support it. Keep up the good work guys!!!

ARM THE HOMELESS 03.Dec.2000 16:10


Lotta love to the Street Roots paper, staff, and homeless who work long and hard to cover issues of the street. Since the point of your story was not to be an "opinion" I'll offer up one: The goverment is useing all it's efforts and force to turn our city into a police state. AR-15s, full military style police, A known War advisor for a police chief, the FBI working with local inforcement and I'm sure much more behind the sceens shit. If we are to survive we must read the wrighting on the wall. If we can't defend ourselves from this wave of attacks we are doomed. If we quitly let this all go down there will be no hope for a better day. A war is happining in our own backyard and the state is the invading army. Look long and hard at the photo on the front of the Street Roots, because This is what we must be ready for. Community-self-defence is what I'm talkin about. We must learn to aid and help the people around us from the cops or otherwise. We must know how to fight back and win, and must not be afraid to do so. It is evedent by this point that WE are our only hope to stop the police from running hap-hazard over all of us. Sharpen your mind, sharpen your fighting skills and get ready, cuz my friends, There's a war goin' down.


Two realities with a side of Time, no mayo 04.Dec.2000 20:54


I am almost old enough to remember the 60's. Wasn't there. Wasn't part of it. But I remember the TV with all the pictures from Haight-Ashbury, the LA riots, Selma Alabama, the peace marches, and so on. So much going on everywhere .. except in my neighborhood. The biggest issue here was to make sure the lid was on the garbage can tight enough so the racoon couldn't tip it off.

Nowadays there are marches on the Mexican Consulate, the vote in Florida, and the WTO. And my biggest problem is still the racoon only this time he's digging in my compost pile. The only thing that has changed is the date. Folks were saying arm yourself in the 60's. The homeless were referred to as bums, and they got kicked around back then by cops too. And suburbia slides by without a ripple in the water.

There are two realities here. Both valid, both daily, both relentless. I'm not clear how I got here. It happened. It started, it kept going, and I'm still doing it. Don't know that I'd change my reality. Don't know if you could do mine. Don't know if you'd want to. But it is very clear there are two worlds existing on the same plane without intersecting.

Gotta go. Time to feed the racoon.

And thanx for the forum. Excellent read in here. I'll look for the Street paper to see what it's got to say.