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forest defense

Use of Spiritual Abilities in Ecodefense.

Operating outside of the adversary's mental boundaries.
I just spent four days on land near N. San Juan, CA, meditating, doing yoga, birdwatching, and meeting with Yuba Nation Earth First!ers. I shared my perspective that we are often too narrow in our ecodefense approach. I am concerned that we are NOT utilizing our individual and group spiritual talents. It concerns me that we woodenly participate in radical environmental campaigns, playing essentially their game, and frequently either forstalling the inevitable ecotage or just getting swept out of the way early on. It is my suggestion that we operate outside of the adversary's mental boundaries. I've been doing sanskrit chanting at clearcuts, demos, the headwaters basecamp, all over the country, and in India in 1994, in addition to consistent frontline participation. I realize that this is not for everyone. But everybody has something, in terms of spiritual activism, which they may uniquely contribute. Making practical use of that which is accessible on the spiritual platform is critical. Peaceout.

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yeah! 01.Dec.2000 19:51

judi judi@watkins.to

this is a great reminder. bringing our spiritualities to bear could be one of our most potent tools. what better way to educate the many who fear and misunderstand our movement about our motives? we can express our anger and our refusal to bend to hatred, greed, and injustice, but we can also project, more simply and pointedly, our love and positive conviction. this is especially true of the numbers of us who are committed to change without (the perpetration of) violence of any kind.

(not that it will necessarily save us from it, but it's not about that.)

viva la vida

Back to the Source. 11.Dec.2000 13:24

Craig Stehr theunseenrules@chek.com

I believe, after further consideration, that it is necessary to go back even further than vedic times...back to the original, eternal, unmanifest spiritual Absolute. In the midst of the mushrooming world confusion, this makes sense! Mentally united with the source, revolutionary ecology groups will be successful...no doubt.

640 40th St., Richmond, CA 94805