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Report From Seattle

Once again, Seattle police utilize violent tactics to disperse peaceful demonstrators.
There were anywhere bewteen 3000-5000 people at Westlake Park on N30 during the late afternoon. People had marched from various locations. At this time, the authories seemed to show great respect and tolerance, allowing a wonderful celebration continue in the streets until around 6pm. From there, large chunks of the group marched either to the Seattle Center or to the Labor Temple at 1st and Broad.
A contingency of people remained at the Westlake Center. Without the crtitical mass, the police showed their true colors. There were small amounts of tear gas fired. Undercover cops used BRUTAl tactics on people. Shoving them to the ground. But the worst of all transgressions was their entrapment of about 60 people.
They were forcing us north, away from Westlake, up fourth. A large cadre of riot-clad officers appeared at Bell, and told people "you can't pass". They eventually sealed off east/west passages. They trapped us after people were quietly, peacefully following dispersal orders. Large numbers of people were arrested (I have heard reports that most are being released already).
The cops then focused their attention on SPECTATORS. One of these big ol' nasty cops was carrying an ASSAULT RIFLE. They fired a concussion grenade at 3rd and Blanchard and made their "hut hut" chant while banging on their plastic shields. People fled in different directions.
A number of people took refuge at the "Sit n Spin". Cops actually surrounded the place, and went in through the back! They threatened the manager with arrest for housing 'fugitives'. What crap.