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A Call For a United Revolutionary Presence at the Presidential Inauguration

We Already Know Who Won... Capitalism and the Ruling Class

Take to the Streets of Washington Against Capitalism, Against the State,and Against the Death Machine of Globalization

On Saturday, January 20th, 2001 thousands of people from all over the United States will converge on the streets of Washington, D.C to protest against the dictatorship of the corporate class, the circus of US representative "democracy", and the international death machine that is the US government.

The demonstration in Washington the day of the presidential inauguration is a great opportunity to demonstrate our opposition, not only to whoever it is that may eventually win the presidency, but to the entire state system, from the dictatorship of capital, to the sham of representative democracy by making Washington ours during inauguration day and disrupting the ceremony of the ruling class. In the spirit of the mobilizations of the past year, from Seattle, to Washington, to Cincinnati, and everywhere in between, we are calling for revolutionaries to stand together as a bloc and refuse to serve as mere numbers for reformist and authoritarian organizations that don't represent our desires, aims, or aspirations. Instead, we propose a demonstration that not only highlights our opposition to the present order, but also puts forth revolutionary anti-authoritarian alternatives.

Therefore, we are calling for anti-authoritarian revolutionaries to bring their banners and flags, be they black, red, red and black, black and green, or whatever else and gather in Washington at 10 am on Saturday, January 20th, 2001* under the slogan "Class War Now...For a Classless, Stateless Society." We are not calling for any particular tactics, simply for revolutionary anti-authoritarians to come prepared to march on the Presidential Inauguration and for a festival of resistance, struggle, and revolutionary alternatives to the capitalist system.

It will take a lot of work to make this mobilization a success and a show of force for the North American revolutionary movement. If you wish to help make the January 20th initiative succeed , spread the word, organize caravans to Washington, copy and distribute this call, make banners and flags, keep in touch as details of the mobilization become available, contact us to endorse the call, and come to Washington on January 20th ready for a festival of resistance.

The Barricada Collective
Sabate Anarchist Collective (NEFAC)

*Location to be announced

address: address: Barricada, PO BOx 73, Boston MA 02133, USA