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Join Us In Seattle On N30, 2000 WTO Anniversary! Stand In Sol;idarity!

As Police Prepare To Make Mass Arrests on N30, 2000, Show Solidarity And Join Us
by Seattle Activists

Join In Solidarity With People All Over The World On "International Day Of Solidarity Against Corporate Globalization"

Seattle Activists Invite You To Participate In Protests, Concerts, And Teach-ins In Seattle On Corporate Globalization - N30, 2000 WTO Protest Anniversary

See the scn.org/wtocal website for a detailed list of Seattle events, as well as events in other cities.

Police say they are ready for mass arrests and they have chemical agent teams in
place. The city has denied permits for Westlake Center but marchers plan to march to that location anyway, without permits. New Police Chief GIl Kerlikowske
says that marchers without permits will be arrested. So far, three major unpermitted marches are planned.Organizers say they will practice their rights to freedom of assebly and freedom of speech. A street party is planned, despite satements made by police that demonstrators blocking traffic or sitting in the streets will be arrested.

In addition, the Newspaper Guild is striking at the city's two major papers.
Protesters have vowed to boycott reporters from the Seattle Times and Post Intelligencer. There are plans by marchers to join the picket lines on N30.

a strong presence is required to counter these attempts by Mayor Paul Schell and the Downtown Business Association to silence the free speech of citizens.
If you were here last year, join us for the anniversary! Tell everyone to come to the giant party in Seattle on November 30, 2000.

www.scn.org/wtocal - Calendar of International N30, 2000 Events


homepage: homepage: http://www.scn.org/wtocal

portland antiWTO solidarity 29.Nov.2000 15:28


is there anything planned in the way of solidarity actions for portland?