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Call Katz 503-823-4127

Make your voice heard.
writing letters is more effective than e-mail
a true phone convesation is more effective than letters

in the case of katz, however, they won't let you speak with her directly.

COMMENT LINE: 503-823-4127 which they say she and her staff listen to. You will have 2 minutes (neverenough for me!)

Mayor Vera Katz
City Hall
1221 SW 4th Ave.
Portland, OR 97204

I just wrote one, it took a TOTAL of 8 minutes, start to finish. make it a routine. I write one to an official at least 3 times a month, though vera is my current target.

we can't say they ignored us if we don't at least make our voices heard.

If you don't get a respnse letter, write again to let them know that they were rude to ignore you. it's very bad form to not write a response letter.